A cul-de-sac off Rr. Josip Rela in Qafa or maybe it is in Tophane, nobody seems to know, because it has no name and the properties have no numbers.

The image shows only two buildings, but the road is full of houses and apartment buildings, but none have an address.

When asking a resident of one of the apartment blocks what was her address, she told me that it is was 150, even though there are not 150 buildings in the 2 roads combined. Yet in the apartment block opposite they also thought they were number 150.

I went to the developers of the apartment block thinking they must definitely know what the number is. The girl on the front desk, went and asked fellow workers, with no luck. Then the brochure for the block of apartments which we felt sure would have the address on it, but no.

Having no success with the developers, I went to the Post Office, but they didn’t know either.

Now you would think the utility companies would know the address, as they have to know where the address is to send or deliver the bills.

The Electricity Company (KESCO) has the building number as Nr. 154. The Water Company has the number for the same building as Nr. 25. and the Garbage Company has it down as Nr. 17.

It doesn’t matter which of these numbers you put as the address, because the Post Office always put a ring around the number, because they don’t have a clue which number it is. One house has taken matters into their own hands and painted a number on their wall.

If you count the buildings in the street Nr. 23 does not relate to the number of buildings as it is 8th going in one direction and 4th going the other way.

When will Prishtina Municipality sort out this problem?


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