US Senator David Perdue, speaking of not abolishing the tax, has said that if Kosovo is not committed to peace, then the United States should consider the presence of troops there.

In a Twitter post, Perdue has said that for more than two decades, US forces have helped maintain peace between Kosovo and Serbia.

The US are desperate to get Serbia into the EU and away from the influence of Russia and it is always Kosovo that has to surrender to Serbia. Now the US has resorted to threatening Kosovo.

Serbia refuses to recognise Kosovo, not only do they not regognise it, they are travelling the world and getting the countries that do to change their minds and un-regonise it. The tax should stay on until this has been reversed. The US are getting nowhere trying to get Serbia to recognise Kosovo, so they now threaten Kosovo. The truth is they don’t give a s**t about the Kosovars, they are just using them as a means to an end and that end is the never ending Cold War with Russia.

Yes the US are once again blaming Kosovo as not being committed to Peace.  Kosovo has had to endure Serbs trying to poison the water, for which they were caught doing.  Making food in a different part of the factory when it was to be exported to Kosovo and selling flour that was not fit for human consumption. Serbs caught with driving car bombs into Prishtina a few years ago, yet the US is saying that Kosovo is being unreasonable.

You can just imagine the conversation between David Perdue and Trump on the issue going something like this.

Perdue: “We have to get Kosovo to get rid of the tax”

Trump:   “Just tell them we will withdraw the US troops protecting them.”

Perdue:   “We can’t withdraw the troops, our biggest base outside the US is in Kosovo.”

Trump:   “We won’t really withdraw troops, but the stupid Kosovars love us so much, it will frighten them into removing the tax.”

Perdue:   “Yes the love us so much they would kiss our shoes.”

Trump:   “Once the tax has gone we can resume talks with the EU to get Serbia into the EU and away from Putin’s influence”

Kosovo has had to endure the Ottomans the Serbs and now the Americans.

There is no way in a million years that the US would pull their troops out of Kosovo, tax or no tax. Bondsteel was built for a reason and the reason was not to protect Kosovo. In fact the US base makes Kosovo a target, if there were to be a world war. The US has a history of invaded countries and never ending war and Kosovo is just a pawn in the war on Russia.

Until Serbia reverses the damage they have done in making countries un-recognise Kosovo and recognising it themselves, the tax should stay. If the US wants to leave then let them leave, I am sure Bondsteel could become a good tourist attraction and the new American Embassy could be turned into government offices. America will not leave Kosovo even if they were told to leave.

The government should stand up to these bullies and show them that the Kosovar people are not going to be blackmailed in this way.

Removing the tax means that Serbia is one step closer to taking back Kosovo.



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