In the fight against coronavirus two models are distinguished: the Chinese model and the South model.

The Chinese model, also recently adopted by Italy, consists of total quarantine of human movements and the economy. He has been proven successful in China in curbing proliferation, but as a model he has a fundamental problem: there are tremendous costs to countries with poor economies that are democracies. Costs that can be devastating for a social category.

The South Korean model has proven to be even more successful – so far – in keeping the epidemic under control, but especially in the low death toll. This model is not driven by the quarantine principle but by the intense scrutiny of the suspect.

Without prejudice to the principle of an open and open society, we recommend a response system that combines voluntary public participation with creative applications of advanced technology. Conventional and coercive measures such as blocking affected areas have obstacles by undermining the spirit of democracy and alienating the public that must actively participate in prevention efforts. Public participation should be ensured through openness and transparency

South Korean Deputy Health Minister Kim Gang-lip told reporters.

South Korea has been proactive in providing necessary information so that citizens can be safe, including twice-daily press releases and emergency alerts sent by mobile phone to those living or working in districts where cases have been confirmed News. She has asked anyone to download the self-checkout app, distributed control kits and asked anyone with signs to notify.

Intensive control has led to better traceability of suspected patients without leaving control as a function of symptoms. Details about confirmed patient travel histories are also available on local government websites, sometimes with publication of a patient’s or employer’s place of residence, which may make them individually identifiable, leading to concerns about intimacy.

It is very important to maintain hygiene. South Koreans rarely come face-to-face, while large buildings read ” You can’t go in without a mask.”“. Restaurant workers and retail staff wear masks while serving customers. South Korea has implemented new measures, including about 50 testing stations across the country, which only take 10 minutes to complete the procedure. Test results come out within hours. These tests elsewhere cost, but are free in South Korea. According to experts, high testing capacity has given the country the ability to quickly identify affected patients and minimize the effects. The figures speak for themselves in favor of the Korean model that, in addition to lower casualties, has optimized the demand for social balance. Authorities do not deny that this fight also comes from experience with SARS and MERS.

The models in question appear to be fundamentally different from each other and reflect two typologies that are closely related to the functioning of power. Edi Rama’s Albania could not be thought to follow the Korean model. This man who comes out of his home where he is quarantined and has all the conditions has decided to block even the simple movement of people based on the Lombardy model, which has to be said to be accompanied by the disbursement of 25 billion euros in economic aid. Mr. Rama has ordered only quarantine and with his hand in his heart, out of personal fear, he urges Albanians to endure, to endure. He is praying for his destiny by imposing a disastrous quarantine. Without acting for the economy, without allowing test kits to be marketed, without building new provisional centers for minimal treatment, the prime minister has set his eyes on the rule when fear has just begun. It’s a test that will probably provoke what no one has wished for and that we thought we threw away once and for all.


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