LDK Threatens Kurti: Either we are listening to America, or we are leaving the Government

Sources in the Blic newspaper within the LDK have announced that the Presidency of this party has taken a decision tonight to stand by and make it clear to Prime Minister Albin Kurti that there are two ways: either to step down. taxes as the United States of America or LDK are demanding will go out of government.

“Tonight we come to a definitive stand. It will also be clear to Mr. Kurti that this cannot be continued. American pressure is at its highest point ever. The Democratic League of Kosovo has repeatedly made it clear to us that relations with America must not endanger any person, whoever he may be. We will eventually demand that the US call for a tax abolition be heard, or the LDK will no longer be part of the government, ”the source told Blic.

Furthermore, it is said that LDK officials in private meetings have shown to Prime Minister Kurti that they cannot wait for this decision indefinitely.

They have even told Kurti that for the LDK, disobedience to the US request will result in Kurti’s departure from the government.

LDK is seriously considering leaving the government if Kurti does not change his stance, Democratic League Chairman Isa Mustafa and First Deputy Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti said.

On Sunday, Isa Mustafa, through long-standing status, made it clear that the LDK cannot stay in the Government if there is a rejection of the US request and endanger relations between the two countries.

“From the outset I have openly stated, perhaps among the only ones, that the tariff first 10 per cent and then 100 per cent, set by the Haradinaj government, had no economic justification but was put in place to protect against failures, especially in foreign policy. Serbia’s President Vucic has given the tariff a dimension of conditioning the dialogue. So when the possibility of bargaining with the territory between the two presidents, that of Serbia and Kosovo, emerged, the tariff slipped into the lever to thwart this damaging dialogue. Then I supported former Prime Minister Haradinaj for extending the tariff.

Following last year’s European Commission elections and especially after the US’s very active engagement with President Trump’s special envoy, Ambassador Grenell, the tariff remains only a relic, which is serving Serbia as a victim in the international arena and to some in Kosovo as the only means of an unstable political cause. No one is convinced that Kosovo is forcing Serbia to recognize it through tariffs. But the vast majority are convinced that the United States and the EU, in the first place, can persuade Serbia, through the dialogue process, to recognize the state of Kosovo. I would like to believe that tomorrow’s Assembly meeting will support the Government and Prime Minister Kurti to lift the tariff. To be removed as the US is demanding. I am not sure that any of the parliamentary groups or members of the Assembly or the government have found a stronger, more deserving and committed partner than the United States for the state and statehood of Kosovo. Not a more promising path than that of European and Euro-Atlantic integration. If anyone fluctuates, the LDK, its MPs and members of the Government will support the immediate lifting of the tariff without any reservation and with full confidence and conviction, not only that our strategic partner is seeking the US, but that we are convinced that this is in the interest of the state of Kosovo. If Serbia does not stop its campaign against Kosovo and avoids trade and economic barriers, the LDK remains committed to applying reciprocity measures after a period the Government has accorded to the US and the EU. IM, ”Mustafa wrote on Sunday.

Even the first deputy prime minister in the Kurti government, Avdullah Hoti, has been vocal in the matter.

He said days earlier that the LDK would withdraw from the government if it was endangered

“This was not a decision. Government decisions are not made at press conferences. No decision can be made that the governing partners disagree with. “A government that is isolated from the international side, then the LDK does not stay where it is. We can’t just sit around like that. We go out.

“Our demand has been constant that we have to sit down and agree as a government constantly,” Hoti said.

And the other deputy prime minister, who comes from Vetevendosje, Haki Abazi, has given signals that US troops may withdraw from Kosovo.

He has said that US President Donald Trump may withdraw US troops from Kosovo.

“President Trump has also said in his first election pledge that he will return all American troops to the country,” Abazi said.

Abbas compares the Kosovo deal with Serbia to the US peace deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan for US troops to leave Afghanistan.

“Three days ago an agreement was signed with the Taliban, paving the way for the return of all US troops from Afghanistan to America,” Abazi recalled on RTD Dukagjini.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Kurti, despite US insistence, has been adamant that he will not listen to their calls for the total abolition of the customs tariff on Serbian goods.

Moreover, in Kurti’s decision, it has become clear that if within two weeks of tariff suspension, Serbia will not reflect on the campaign for recognition of Kosovo’s independence, then its government will impose economic and political reciprocity on the Serbian state.

But it has been opposed by the US special envoy for Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Richard Grenell.

He even responded to Kurt’s “playing a dangerous game”.

Nor does the LDK endorse Kurti’s idea, as Grenell’s warning has been viewed by many with knowledge of local politics.

They have warned that American patience is coming to an end, saying they could have serious consequences for Kosovo.


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