by Augustin Palokaj

Let’s clarify two things: The first is that a new coalition of political parties, inclusive, oriented against the Self-Determination Movement, was created in Kosovo and managed to vote for the fall of the Government. The second is that the vast majority of Kosovo’s friends were against the overthrow of this government at this time, although they do not favor one party or the other, and that they would work repeatedly with any government elected by the people of Kosovo.

All the rest are things that can be debated, discussed and analyzed at length. What were the real goals of toppling the Government? Who did he betray?

As well as being a deplorable, unnecessary and dangerous act at the moment, the overthrow of the Government at this moment left even Kosovo’s true friends surprised. From Brussels, Berlin, London and Paris to Washington.

Those who had earlier intended to overthrow the Government, first of all, the leader of the LDK, Isa Mustafa, had so far ignored the demands, even in prayer, of the two main European states, Germany and France. . Isa Mustafa did so in an experiment to come out shortly after achieving the goal with the message that Kosovo has no conditions to do experiments. And he and his new and old partners, from PDK and AAK to Initiative, mentioned America and the friendship that the Government is ruining.

There were those who wanted the fall of the Government because it was not abolishing the tax, and those who wanted to abolish the tax. US economic sanctions were also cited as justification. It was forgotten that the tax was levied before the new Government was created, and then the friendship could have been broken. It was not mentioned that Kosovo was on the Millennium Challenge Program list because it is very poor (the only one except Moldova and Georgia) and not because of its friendship with the US. Even in a report published on September 6 (one month before Kosovo elections) among the countries that qualify for these Millennium Challenge projects for 2020 Kosovo does not appear. Unless I read this report well. But it does not matter, as the facts in this timely debate in Kosovo do not matter at all.

Prime Minister Kurti was defended. He may have been mistaken in saying that there was “a secret agreement” and especially when he started talking about what his interlocutors had said at face-to-face meetings. This may be transparency, but it is not a habit. The tradition is that everyone can speak in public about what he or she has said and not what the interlocutor has said. And in the work of the “secret deal” he may know more, but this was used to try to portray him as a man who does not tell the truth.

This was used by American diplomats. They made a statement, which was read in Kosovo at will. Three US diplomats said there was “no secret plan” that they “did not see.”

There is probably no secret written agreement for the exchange of territory between Kosovo and Serbia. But the chances are high that this topic has been discussed and there are many sources saying that the presidents of Kosovo and Serbia were ready to discuss it. There are also many in the EU and US who were willing to accept such a solution “if it were the result of the parties’ agreement”. Even if it was in the form of a “secret agreement” written, one would not expect anyone to confirm its existence. In this newspaper, for over 25 years I have been working, I have also published texts from “secret deals” or “secret letters”, or “secret reports”. Often those who have given it to me have told me that, if asked, they will say “they do not know of any such document”.

Kosovars would do well to leave Kosovo’s friends comfortable and not engage in internal political battles. They don’t even want to get involved in this. And for Kosovo, sharing her friends is to her detriment. They did not come with different attitudes about Kosovo, but it was Kosovo politicians who took steps that caused divisions among our friends. Who’s to blame for what? Let them hold each other accountable for both visa liberalization and other issues.

Is Hashim Thaci, Isa Mustafa and Skender Hyseni at fault for not liberalizing why they signed a border demarcation agreement with Montenegro in Vienna and were “promised” or “lied” to international friends for their ratification votes, what made it an additional condition for visa liberalization. Or is it Ramush Haradinaj’s fault that for some time he did not allow ratification by giving arguments to PDK and LDK that “the momentum was lost”, so we were left without visa liberalization. Or are the prosecutors and judges guilty of failing to secure high-level convictions for corruption and organized crime and forfeiture of property. Let them get along and find the culprit, if they really want to. Only then should they pass the blame on to “our friends”.

At a time of internal political, brutal, dishonest, immoral and dangerous political battles, politicians in Kosovo are also causing divisions among Kosovo’s friends. They have created unprecedented dilemmas: are we with America and Europe, are we with Grenell or Eliot Engel, are we with the Body and the Body boy, or with Baiden and his son.

Let the friends of Kosovo be comfortable, because there is not much left. And in these moments they too have their troubles; how to survive, how to cope with the devastating consequences of the economy. They do not act on the current feelings, bitterness and impulses, so even when the crisis is over they will not condemn Kosovo for not listening to Isa Mustafa or Albin Kurti, or Ramush Haradinaj. If all that was said in Kosovo was true, how “angry” they were and how much they had broken “permanent relations and alliances”, then our “lying” or “betrayed” friends should have forgotten Kosovo. “.

There are differences between them. Germany wants no change of borders and France is more open to this idea. There is no clear stance in the US. At least we now know that Ambassador Grenell “personally” does not think this is a “good idea”, which is a blow to those who wanted to gain support for territory swap by presenting it as an “American idea”. Germany wants visa liberalization for Kosovo, and France does not.

There are many differences, but on the core principles Kosovo’s friends are still together. Kosovo must have a democratic government, the Constitution must be respected (though interpreted differently in Kosovo), it must fight organized crime and corruption, and, above all, it must face the coronavirus crisis. All the other dilemmas of whether Kosovo should choose between Europe and America, is the anti-American government made the “anti-European” LDK for the first time in history, are artificial dilemmas that politicians in Kosovo have created for themselves. them. Let us spare our friends in these difficult times for them too, for we will need them in the future.


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