After the ridiculous decision last week to only allow people to shop in two hour time time frames, early in the morning and early evening which resulted in the shops being full of people at the same time, was stopped and replaced by a curfew.

The curfew from 5pm until early morning spread out the times people could shop and it was much quieter.

Yesterday Prishtina was put on quarantine with no cars allowed to enter or leave which meant it became quieter still.

Today however, somebody has come up with the crazy idea, that people are only to shop at certain times for 90mins. People have to shop by the second to last number on their ID card. For example somebody with the number one is only permitted to shop between 7am – 8.30am.

Who wants to get up that early in the morning, when they have nothing to do all day but stay at home.

At the other end of the scale a person that has number nine on their card can only go out between 9pm -10.30pm.

Why the second to last number and not the last number? Is there going to be one number that will make everyone rushing to the supermarkets at the same time and lead to long queues again? What about foreigners that only have passports or foreign id cards? They will add to the numbers they have hoped to spread out.

Are the shops going to be open until 10.30pm now? Will Ipko and other bill paying offices be open at this time. What if there is an emergency, do you have to wait until your exit slot comes along.

As if it isn’t bad enough keeping healthy people locked up for over 5 weeks now, this new rule, has just made people confused and angry. It poses more questions than answers.

How is it going to be policed? Are there going to be police on every street corner, checking ID cards to make sure you are out at the right time.

Whoever came up with this stupid idea should be sacked.


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