The Board of Directors of the Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK) has taken note of the dismissal by the Government of Kosovo.

According to them, this decision is a violent and illegal intervention in the corporation and they have indicated that they will not remain silent about this decision.

The Board of Directors of KEK has said that they will take all the necessary legal steps and have listed in their communiqué the statistics of the last 3 years of work in KEK:

This is the full press release:

The Board of Directors of the Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK) has received a statement of concern from the Government of Kosovo.

This decision is a violent and illegal intervention in the corporation and as such we will not accept and will not remain silent.

We will follow all legal avenues and will not consider such completely political decisions, with resentment and prejudice and to the detriment of KEK and the state of Kosovo.

For more than that, it is shameful to act in this way, despite the fact that the Minister of the relevant department, Rozeta Hajdari and the entire Kurti government since they came to power have been informed of the results and achievements of the Corporation in the last three years.

These are indisputable and proven facts in all relevant reports which measure and evaluate the performance of Public Enterprises.

The incumbent Prime Minister and the incumbent Minister have from the first day had access to the reports of the Foreign Auditor, the Internal Auditor and the Public Enterprise Monitoring Unit, which is competent and obliged by law to monitor and evaluate the work of NP Boards. They have been informed that based on these reports, KEK is the most successful Public Enterprise in Kosovo, with about 20 million euros annual profit, with the best performance and exceeding all targets and forecasts. Therefore, we once again inform the public and all state institutions and mechanisms that the decision to dismiss the Board of KEK, with these results and this performance, in addition to being illegal, political decision and without any legal basis,

Finally, BD calls on workers not to be affected by this violent intervention and this illegal decision aimed at destabilizing the enterprise and creating an energy chaos at this time of pandemic and political crisis, but to be vigilant and disciplined at work. , so as to ensure the regular supply of the people with the main product – energy. BD IS CREATED WITH YOU!

These are the figures, facts of KEK’s achievements and results in the last 3 years:


• In 2017, the company’s capital was € 114,370,000

• 2018 the company’s capital has increased to € 129,331,000 (12% more than in 2017)

• 2019 the company’s capital has increased to € 149,863,000 (14% more than in 2018, or compared to

2017 has increased by 24%) Total Assets


• 2017 the company’s assets were € 419,041,000

• 2018 the company’s assets have increased to € 421,485,000

• 2019 the company’s assets have increased to € 422,080,000 in revenues


• In 2017, the company’s revenues were € 172,217,000

• In 2018, the company’s revenues decreased by € 165,148,000 (Consequence of the blockade in the expropriation process)

• In 2019, the company’s revenues again increased to 184 007 000 € Expenses


• In 2017, the company’s expenses were € 146,214,000

• 2018 the company’s expenses have fallen to € 143,023,000

• 2019 the company’s expenditures have increased, € 158,553,000 (Increase in expenditures by the ERO decision on additional payment for KOST and the sentence by TAK for the period 2010-2015, € 15 M)

Coal production

• In 2017, 7,574,697 tons of coal were produced

• 2018 7 169 767 tons of coal were produced

• In 2019, 8,063,051 tons of coal were produced

With respect,

Board of Directors.



For transparency to the citizens, meptinis is publishes government decisions along with clear procedures, which describe violations of the dismissed directors:

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