He appeared in what he is, there is nothing unexpected from the appearance of Hashim Thaçi on a television in our country. With harsh tones, going as far as slander and threats of the Hashimian type, the current president of Kosovo appeared in a serious psychological state. 

Calling Vetëvendosje a “criminal enterprise”, Hashim Thaçi came out of his mask on his true face, that of disruptor, slanderer and threat. 

Calling someone a criminal, moreover a party that is currently the largest in the country, is unacceptable, this from a man who should be a factor of unity and above the parties. For Thaçi, unity is not a factor, and the mountain birds know this on both sides.

In a country with a moderate democracy, Hashim Thaçi would never have become president, but even if he had, he should have been fired last night when a parliamentary party calls him a criminal, until he has been declared such by the judiciary. Where does the most divisive man that Kosovo has ever known get this right from, and why is Thaçi above justice even when he violates the law by insulting and slandering? . This is exactly the consequence of the capture of the state by him and the party he represents.

On the other hand, his feudal mentality appeared, calling on the Prime Minister and the exercise of the Minister of Interior to “come”, thus challenging the order and stability of the country. There are many reasons for Thaçi not only to be fired, but also to be arrested for his call to disrupt public order and for the danger he poses to the country, to the territorial space and the functioning of the rule of law.

With the departure and arrest of Thaçi, the country is removed from a danger, which is also being warned by foreign MPs, including the Swiss ones. With his usurpation of President Hashimi’s post, he is serving several interest groups in various parties, especially the PDK, which are the biggest threat to the country. Never, let alone now, does Thaçi represent the citizens of the country, that man is a danger to Kosovo and the region, so he must leave and be arrested, for all the damage he has done to the country, and his claims for the division of the country.


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