I want to start with a thank you to the health workers, police and inspectors as well as all those who are on the front line facing COVID-19, we owe a lot to you and you will have my support and all institutions without reservation .

Fifteen days ago we introduced the new measures which came as a result of the increase in the number of infections. The measures were more severe because the situation was more serious, but thanks to your cooperation we have made it possible to bring the average daily infections from 27% as we had a few weeks ago to 3%. For the first time in three consecutive days, the number of those being healed exceeds the number of those infected. This is significant progress and as a result today we are able to ease the measures a bit.

I want to thank all the citizens for respecting the instructions and rules. These days we have shown that despite the differences we have and the obstacles we face, technical and political, legal and human, we can come together when faced with common danger.

During these days we have worked tirelessly to find and test infected people; we tested the potential affected; we have isolated those who have been affected; we are dealing intensively to save the lives of those who are fighting the virus and thus we are controlling the slow spread of the virus in order to eradicate it.

We will have good days with less infected but we will also have difficult days with more infected, but I remain hopeful that the measures we will present today in cooperation with you will not turn us back but will lead.

Now listen to me carefully please. We have taken preventive measures before the first cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed, and as a result we have had a low number of infections in the beginning. With the arrival of spring and the warming of the weather, we were liberated prematurely and neglected the power of the virus, and therefore we had an increased increase in infections.

We are now in a situation where the virus curve and the average daily infections allow us to relax the limitations, but by no means and in no way neglect the danger. Negligence and negligence will turn us back, endangering not only everyone’s life and health but also their economic well-being.

With the new measures we are aiming to liberate the economy, aiming at the protection of both health and the economy.

But like any measure we have taken so far, the success of the new measures depends only on the cooperation of citizens.

In the last two weeks we have had many meetings and many debates; we have drafted several drafts and at the end in consultation and coordination with many local and international actors we have decided that:

Let’s open up the economy and remove the restrictions in three stages.

The first phase begins on May 4 and is scheduled to continue until May 18. During this period:

· Extends the schedule of freedom of movement from 1.5 to 3 hours in two hours, morning and afternoon.

· These parts of the economy open; construction and real estate; vehicle trade (in part); retail trade (in part); repair of personal items and furniture; consulting offices (with essential staff lists).

· The schedule and list of permitted activities will be published immediately after the conference.

The second phase is scheduled to begin on May 18 and continue until June 1, with plans to release the masses but depending on the assessment of the epidemiological situation.

But, keep in mind that the transition from the first phase to the second and the potential return from the second phase to the first depends on all of us. If we do not have an increase in cases and we strictly follow the instructions of the health and government institutions, then we will move forward, but if we relax and the infections start quickly, then we will go back.

Dear citizens, these are the new measures to move to a new normality.

Now let me talk about the new normality in Virus time because I want to be open and fair with you.

Despite the progress we have made these days, we have not eradicated the virus. He will continue to be among us. Therefore, even though we would like to be more optimistic, we will not have a normal situation anywhere in the world, because this is not a normal year. This year is not like any other year, and the sooner we understand it, the easier it will be.

This year we will probably not have birthday parties with friends; engagements, parties and weddings with gatherings and we will not even have funeral ceremonies with gatherings. This does not mean that we will not celebrate birthdays, get engaged and get married, but without guests and without gatherings.

A funeral ceremony for a human life endangers the lives of dozens of others, or the coronation of the love of two people can turn into the grief of hundreds of others.

We must not neglect this virus because it costs us our lives.

This year will be the year of the two-meter distance; of gloves and masks and of maximum hygiene. The sooner we realize this the more prepared we will be.

Therefore May 4th is not the day when we return to normalcy, but the day when we begin the gradual walk towards a new reality because thus we increase our care and prevent its spread; a reality where whenever we make payments we keep our distance from each other; a reality where we meet relatives and society through technology and not through visits.


Avoid family visits, social gatherings and gatherings. These are the only measures to avoid the virus.

The new measures will be in line with the new normality.

Therefore, dear citizens, your role is irreplaceable. Only you can make it possible for the number of infections to be low in order to protect hospitals and health workers.

Because, when the number of infections increases rapidly, then the hospitals fill up quickly, and when the hospitals fill up quickly, then we will have neither beds nor doctors to provide proper health care.

Only you can save the lives of citizens and the health of the economy by respecting and following the instructions of the government and health institutions. Maintaining distance, avoiding family and social visits and coming out only when necessary, because that is how we protect ourselves and others.

Finally, I want to emphasize what is extremely important. The moment the epidemiological situation worsens and the number of infections has the potential for exponential growth we will go back.

So walking forward or going back depends on all of us.

The government will take all measures to monitor and inspect any rules, but success depends on your cooperation and understanding.

Let’s make it easier for police officers working in three shifts,

Let’s make it easier for nurses and doctors who work non-stop,

Let’s take care of each other like never before.

Let’s protect each other like never before.

We do this for parents, grandparents, the most sensitive, doctors and nurses, police officers and inspectors for the economy and the future, for each other and for everyone.

One day all this will be just a distant past, but what will be told will remind us how in the face of the danger of pandemics we knew how to be together.

Thank you.


 Minister of MEPTINIS, Rozeta Hajdari

 The Minister of Economy, Employment, Trade, Industry, Entrepreneurship and Strategic Investments, Rozeta Hajdari said that the sectors of the economy will be gradually opened.

She said work is under way on drafting the second fiscal package following the pandemic of COVID-19, which will be even more effective.

“The goal is to open up the economy gradually, because we are aware that we have huge economic losses, starting with liquidity and the loss of workers’ contracts. I am aware that many workers have lost their jobs in the gastronomy, construction and retail sectors. We are now working on the second and fiscal package. I am very positive that for the many losses we have, we also have a lot of hope. We thank the businesses that have respected the measures “, said Hajdari.

 Berat Rukiqi, chairman of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, said that during these days work has been done with MEPTINIS and MoH to find solutions that would facilitate the activities of businesses that have been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, while maintaining care for the health of the citizens of the country.

Naser Ramadani, director of the NIPHK , said that although there will be some relief from the first phase of the plan, it is worth noting that most of the measures will remain in force, at least until May 18. Dear citizens, I ask you for your patience, understanding and continuous cooperation in respecting these measures, including:

– Prohibition of family visits and social gatherings

– Prohibition of gathering of two or more persons

– Prohibition of use of vehicles except with special permission or in case of emergency health

– Prohibition of participation in weddings, parties, funeral ceremonies, in addition to close family members.

– Keeping a distance of two meters from other people

“Especially after the gradual easing of measures, we need the cooperation not only of most citizens but all together. This is necessary to ensure that the epidemic does not break out again, “he said.




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