From tomorrow (May 4), measures to prevent the spread of pandemics will change.

This is because the number of new cases of coronavirus in the country has decreased, while a larger number of patients have been registered.

The first phase will start from May 4 to May 18.

During this period, the movement time of citizens will be expanded from 1.3 to 3 hours in two hours before the day and after the day.

The second phase is planned from May 18 to June 1, where measures are planned to be released depending on the situation, while the third phase starts from June 2 until the next decision.

The Minister of Health, Arben Vitia has announced that there will be no more rotation of the schedule but from tomorrow the citizens will come out twice from 90 minutes, before and after the day.

Vitia stressed that citizens should not relax but continue to respect the government’s measures and the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health.

NIPHK last night announced 38 cured cases and 10 new cases of coronavirus in Kosovo.

There are currently a total of 823 cases with 336 recovered and 22 dead.

We bring you the new traffic schedule which starts tomorrow (Monday) until May 18, Telegrafi reports.