The fate of the agreement on the normalization of Kosovo-Serbia relations, in the first place and above all, is in the hands of the Albanians. It depends on our negotiating side, no matter what our Western friends at the helm suggest with the US, whether or not to change the borders with Serbia.

This is how the publicist Rexhep Elezaj assessed, who in a statement for the newspaper “Bota sot” said that the talks with Serbia should not be continued, until the country goes to new elections.

According to him, no one can force a people and a country in the world to change the borders of their own country, no matter how small it is on the map of the world globe.

“The fundamental rights of small and large peoples to be sovereign and domestic masters in their own state are equal and inviolable, as well as guaranteed by the UN Charter (1945) and numerous international conventions. The rights of peoples to freedom, justice, sovereignty and inviolability of state borders are also guaranteed by the conventions of Geneva, London, Vienna and Paris, which apply equally to every people and state in the world, including the preservation of full territorial sovereignty. of each state. From here, our negotiating team in future talks with Serbia cannot be forced by anyone in the world to accept the change of Kosovo’s borders, or to exchange territory with any neighboring country, as President H. Thaçi and he have been engaged in the last two years with A. Vucic of Serbia.


Rexhep Elezaj

He considers that this initiative of his caused great controversy in Kosovo, because any change in its borders is a loss of independence, it will be a serious violation of the country’s Constitution, it will pave the way for changing borders across Europe in the form of dominoes. -effects, which without a doubt such an act would cause terrible wars and ethnic cleansing in the Western Balkans and beyond!

“As we know, some key EU countries, such as Germany, Britain and France, have strongly opposed the change of borders between Kosovo and Serbia, while the United States has taken a slightly more resilient stance,” said the two sides. change of borders, we have nothing against it. ”, an attitude that contradicted that of the EU countries, which we mentioned above. What has happened these days with the EU Commissioner for Foreign Policy, Mr. Borell, who pushed him to declare, “that the EU does not rule out the possibility of changing the borders between Kosovo and Serbia, if the two sides agree …”, this unexpected statement of his, should be well analyzed to see if it is this is only his personal position, or a new position within the EU regarding the final Kosovo-Serbia agreement, which has been persistently discussed in the last two months.

According to him, the circumstances and dynamics of political events in the Balkans have changed due to the global pandemic of coronavirus, the Kosovo-Serbia talks have been interrupted, and in the meantime the “Kurti” government has been shamelessly overthrown on March 25, etc.

“I think that the talks with Serbia should not be continued until our country goes to new elections, from which the new government will emerge, which should prepare the Platform for talks well, and not go to Brussels, Berlin and Washington with hands in pockets as our representatives have done until yesterday led by Thaçi. Any disregard for the will of the citizens of Kosovo which leads to the new partition of Kosovo, will be destined to fail, and I say this with conviction. fully aware of the political circumstances, therefore our new negotiating team, whenever negotiations with official Belgrade continue, must not make such a historic mistake, by which an act of treason would justify to Europe and the world the great Serbian hegemony towards Kosovo “, said the publicist Rexhep Elezaj.

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