Josep Borrel took off the mantle of the EU Security and Foreign Policy Chief and wore the velado of the Spanish priest days ago when he refused to become more Pope than “Pope” Hashim in relation to the Kosovo-Serbia agreement! In short, he became a party to the policies that lead to the partition of Kosovo, when he said that “If the parties want, then I can no longer become Pope than Pope.” That is, if Hashim Thaçi and Aleksandar Vuçiiq agree, why shouldn’t he support the exchange of territories and the change of borders ?! He knows that with this policy he supports the project for Greater Serbia and increasing Russia’s presence in the Western Balkans. And by this logic he goes against the policies dictated by the function he performs in the European Commission.

On the other hand, this statement of Borrel has further disturbed the waters and encouraged the designers of the destruction of Kosovo’s statehood and the division of its territory to take courage to work harder in this direction. The President of Kosovo is the most active in this regard. With a persistence from Hercules, Hashim Thaçi does his best to realize the project of Aleksandar Vuçi.. Therefore, without any warning, the agenda was taken to the plane once a month and it flies to America or various European capitals and cities where international summits are organized and where it is held together with the President of Serbia. As we have constantly noticed from the videos and photos of these summits, even though Kosovo’s political personalities, society and behavior organization have participated,

Everything proves that Hashim Thaçi is aligned with the Serbian project of partition of Kosovo. He has consistently confirmed this fact orally. And what is more sad has to do with the fact that Thaci has invested in compromise with Serbia, exchanging territories in order to escape the Hague Special Court and the crimes he has committed against his political opponents. We already know that this court was set up by the decision of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, as well as by the insistence of the friends and powerful partners of Kosovo, after the accusations of Dick Marty against Mr. Thaçi.

To escape trial, Kosovo’s president decided to give his country’s territory to Serbia. Meanwhile, Serbia, in order to benefit more from Hashim Thaçi’s request for the dissolution of the Court and his amnesty as accused of cold-blooded crimes, insisted that Kosovo also grant amnesty for Serbian crimes against humanity in Kosovo. Thus, the President of Kosovo, in exchange for his life and mission, has offered Belgrade not only territories, but also the pardon of Serbian criminals, who caused 13,000 massacred in Kosovo, plus over 2,000 others missing, as well as 20,000 raped. . He expressed his readiness to forgive Serbia billions of euros in material damage to Kosovo.

And to carry out this anti-state, anti-independence, anti-Kosovo, anti-Albanian project, Hashim Thaçi has been able to put increasing pressure on opponents of the Serbian idea of ​​partition in Pristina and Tirana. In Pristina, he was able to turn the LDK leader into a blind tool in his service. He has been able to neutralize Ramush Haradinaj in various ways (I want to be wrong about that). And he was able to overthrow the incumbent Prime Minister, Albin Kurti. It is Vjosa Osmani’s turn after the prime minister, if she will resist! In Tirana, Thaci seems to have seduced some key politicians to at least remain silent and not react strongly against the Serb-Russian project for the partition of Kosovo. The only exception is Sali Berisha! And he has achieved all this through constant slander against international partners, especially the American ones. Even to the extent that he considers all opponents of the idea of ​​changing borders to be “anti-American”!

Thaci’s pressure on opposition politicians has worked with the help of Belgrade and Moscow. The campaign he leads for the Greater Serbia project is sponsored by Belgrade in various forms, with money, contacts, transmission of common opinions and ideas on diplomatic and non-diplomatic channels, through mutual friendships, etc. No diplomatic step by the President of Kosovo in the last three years has been taken without sponsorship in various forms in Belgrade and Moscow. Even Edi Rama has great contributions to sponsorship of millions of euros in this anti-national campaign! Edi Rama has chosen to remain silent for the time being, but as soon as the scales deviate from the idea of ​​partitioning Kosovo, he will resolve it, challenging the Albanians with the restraining question: “Did I tell you”?

Borrell knows that the Thaci-Vucic project is a project of the two presidents and the prime minister of Albania. He knows in detail the actors of the project, as well as his directors, screenwriters and sponsors. Not a few times, Borrell has attacked Kosovo from the offices of the Belgrade government, sponsored by Ivica Dacic. Already in Brussels it seems that he has changed his skin, for the habit he has not forgotten! Because the head of European Foreign Policy also knows the fact that 90 percent of the population and politicians in Kosovo are against this destructive project for the state and the region. God forbid that Borrell should work, just like Mogherini, for Russian, Serbian and Russian interests in the European Union, when he is paid for the opposite! However, he is right when he says that “one can no longer become Pope than the Pope.”


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