Dictator Hashim Thaci is the most hated man in Kosovo, because of his corruption. He is doing all he can now to save his own neck as he has immunity from prosecution, which he holds on to the position of President. The Vetevendosje Party are the biggest threat to him, as they want all corrupt Ministers prosecuted.

Thaci’s family has gone from rags to riches since he first became Prime Minister and then President, after a deal with Isa Mustafa.

Since Thaci’s role in the dismissal of the Kurti Government, he has had his life threatened.

A 40yr old man has been arrested for threatening Hashim Thaci on social media. The man was traced to Mitrovica, but they don’t mention if it was in North Mitrovica  or South Mitrovica.

Today the President was visiting the quarantined centre at the Student Centre, where he was met with Get out, Traitor and You sold out Kosovo, by the returning Kosovars that are on a 14 day isolation.

Before the government were voted out by the opposition, Thaci was telling everyone to break the isolation rules put in by Prime Minister Albin Kurti and called them un-constitutional. Now he is telling people to stay at home, proving just how he would do anything to try and bring down the Kurti government that has the majority of the people behind it.

Thaci is nothing less than a puppet for the US and does all their bidding as we have seen in the past. Thaci is the most hated man in Kosovo and has not been voted into his position, but has the position after a deal with Isa Mustafa. At that time neither Thaci’s PDK party or Mustafa’s LDK party had the most votes at that election. The party which did have the majority of votes was Albin Kurti’s Vetevendosje Party.

The funeral of Astrit Dehari

The following year VV politicians were arrested in parliament when they demonstrated against the decision. Putting MP’s in house detention and party members  in prison.  This action resulted in the death of a young medical student Astrit Dehari, 26. They said he committed suicide from a drug overdose. An autopsy conducted by Swiss experts show he was murdered in detention in Prizren in 2016.

While Thaci and Mustafa had control of the police the Vetevendosje party were being victimised by the police and they have the blood of Astrit Dehari on their hands. Hashim Thaci and Isa Mustafa are the most corrupt politicians in the country. This list of their crimes are endless and they were frightened when Albin Kurti won the election and had control of the police. Albin Kurti and the Vetevendosje stand for fighting corruption and nepotism, so the two most corrupt in the country could not let him stay in power. The coalition with the most corrupt party and the party fighting corruption was never going to work.

One peaceful protest of thousands, was very different, as walking to the meeting place we noticed no police, that you would usually see everywhere in riot gear. The whole demonstration was peaceful until the end with no problem. Then after the people had dispersed and just a few people were hanging around in the square, the police came running into Mother Theresa Blvd from the side streets attacking people that were still there, for no reason, except for showing the news around the world that the demonstration was not peaceful. They were chasing anyone who was left there, firing tear gas and arresting people for doing absolutely nothing. This was just one of the legacies of Isa Mustafa as PM.

He went on to arresting opposition party members, calling them terrorists. We saw Ministers of VV put under house arrest, the VV offices were constantly being raided by the police.

When Isa Mustafa became PM after a deal with Thaci, the country was in a state of depression. The though of having Thaci as President and politics for at least another four years lead to the mass exodus, of those with no work seeing no future or jobs, under these two corrupt men.

Bus station can’t keep up with the amount of people leaving.

Isa Mustafa was not elected Prime Minister, just as he is doing now, getting the job through the back door. This door opened in 2014 when all the parties went into a coalition before the election, except for the PDK party to make sure that Thaci would lose the election. This worked with Thaci not having enough votes to rule alone and only with a coalition. After months of negotiations Mustafa did a deal with Thaci. How much he was paid to do so we will never know, as the Amricans were working behind the scenes to make sure their puppet Thaci remained in power. The deal was done, Thaci would be president and Mustafa would be Prime Minister, even though neither had been voted in by the people. This deal kicked off the exodus.

Once  Mustafa was Prime Minister the position of Mayor of Prishtina was now available. VV won the election and Spend Ahmeti became Mayor, but this was not going to be easy with Mustafa being Prime Minister. All the corrupt practices came to light and Mustafa was not going to make it easy for the new mayor. Nearly all the staff in the Municipality were relatives of Mustafa and all the computers had been cleaned.

The first thing Spend Ahmeti did was to sell all the municipality cars to save money, in a city where you can walk everywhere. The first thing that Isa Mustafa did when he became PM was to give the contract for servicing government cars, to his son’s business at 1,000 euros a car. Where else does it cost 1,000 euros for a service?

On Mustafa’s last year in office of Mayor, he decided to put up Christmas decorations in Mother Theresa Blvd on Flag Day. Knowing it was the busiest day of the year for the centre and would be full of families, making the most of the day. Yet on this occasion it was full of vans and cherry pickers putting up decorations, making it dangerous for children walking in the pedestrian precinct. Never has he put up the Christmas decorations in November, in fact they didn’t even get put up until Christmas Eve.

The very next day they took the decorations down again. The following year when Spend took over there were not Christmas decorations to be found and he had to get a contractor to do the lighting. A year later Spend gave us the best Christmas lights and it gets better every year.

Then there was the buses that Spend as Mayor ordered for Prishtina, which the Mustafa government wouldn’t allow into Kosovo for 6 months.

Isa Mustafa, was Mayor of Prishtina and will go down in history as the man that destroyed the city, with his corruption and nepotism, getting paybacks and turning a blind eye to illegal and dangerous buildings to be built. He didn’t care about safety only money.

Thaci and Mustafa made it virtually impossible for Ahmeti, even had him arrested during a demonstration. While these two had control of the police they used them for political purposes.

Even to this day Thaci and Mustafa family members get all of the top jobs and contracts. When there is money given to help Kosovo, in invariably ends up in these corrupt politicians pockets. The list of Thaci handing over tax payers money to family members and  for favours is endless, not to mention the monopoly he has in certain businesses.

In 2010 he Thaci handing of $50,000 a month of tax payers money to a US firm to lobby to get MacDonalds in Kosovo, why would anyone even have to do this. While so many are unemployed and have nothing, he is just handing money away.

For the first time since the war, Kosovo had a Prime Minister in Albin Kurti that was going to change the country for the better and stamp out this corruption, but the corrupt fighting for their freedom, took down the government. The people of Kosovo will not stand for this and will not let these corrupt Politicians get away with it any longer.

In the next few days the Constitutional Court will hand down it’s decision.



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