Last night, in the late hours, we received the announcement from the constitutional court regarding the judgment for the President’s unconstitutional decree.

Let’s say from the beginning, that in the text and subtext there is not much about constitutional issues as to the unprecedented method of expressing disciplinary-punishing.

Few or no cases can be found in the democratic world when the winner of elections and the government itself are ready for new elections and this is impossible for you by the constitutional court and the president by being called to the majority in the assembly and spreading statements and causes of objectives As was the serious situation of a pandemic.

Instead of making an interpretation of the constitution, the court seems to have this approach: since the president is right, let’s try to justify it.

The Court has stressed that in the 2010 s and 2017 s, after the successful motions of no will, there was no will nor a majority in the assembly to form a new government, but how they found this is not known, since distribution The Assembly has been automatic.

It is true that the president does not have an absolute right to distribute the assembly, but, precisely why it is limited to the motion of no confidence as a criterion for this.

The Court has written the announcement in such a way you say the winner of the election does not exist at all, as if the winner is an inexistent. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the court repays the difference between dismissal and the executive resignation.

The court prejudices when it says the winner not only has not proposed a candidate, but has not expressed interest in such a thing. This does not stand, because it is continuously emphasised by us that the winner of the election is not hesitating and is not refusing.

In some cases the court instead of interpretation has been written and rewriting the constitution, for example. Points 13 and 18.

Formulations of the kind “… the court points out that it is aware that this formal ” consultation ” should be completed as soon as possible and include the request for quick interaction dynamics “, or, ” right to Proposed Mandate for Prime Minister is both the responsibility and privilege ” constitute excellent  examples of the creativity of judges of the constitutional court in expressing their admiration to the decisions of the country’s President.

A full and detailed assessment from our legal advisors will be able to have it after we get the full text of the trial.

Unfortunately, the constitutional court lined up with state captors. She spoke of herself, before and more than the issue she addressed. She sealed herself, she de-estimated herself.

Our battle continues, along with the self-aware people, against this corrupt caste.

Finally, we have not had great hopes for the constitutional court’s decision, but this decision is beyond imagination and under any level (logic and legal). As unfair, he is unacceptable. For other political steps we will announce citizens in the coming days.

Albin Kurti

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