The two parties of PDK and LDK have killed Democracy in Kosovo and turned it into a Dictatorship against the will of the people and ignoring elections. Tomorrow  Dictator Thaci (PDK) will give Kosovo a new Prime Minister, without any elections and following the will of the USA Trump envoy Richard Grenell.

What hypocrisy on two fronts from the Trump, that is always complaining about foreign governments interfering in US elections and here he is interfering in Kosovo elections. Secondly the US attempts to take over any country by force claiming they are run by a Dictator even though the President has been voted in with elections as we have seen in Syria.

In Kosovo the President has never been voted in by the people and not only is he a Dictator, Thaci is now placing a new PM in power without any elections and declaring there will not be any elections.

This is not DEMOCRACY and the PDK party should change their name, as they are not living up to their own standards.  PDK the DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF KOSOVO and the least Democratic. It is amazing that the parties that have Democratic in their names, makes them Democratic, when they are the opposite. They should have the word stripped from their names

The LDK the DEMOCRATIC LEAGE OF KOSOVO led by Isa Mustafa, who led the vote of no confidence in the government was just a ploy to get his party in power even though they lost the election.

These two parties are the most corrupt in Kosovo and will try any dirty trick to stay in power. The citizens have had enough of the crimes and corruption of these two parties.

Anyone who is corrupt can be bought as they are only interested in lining their own pockets and we have seen this over and over again. So when the US wanted to remove Albin Kurti from power, saying he was not American enough, it was easy for them to get these two traitors to do their dirty work for them.

Below you will see that there is no doubt who is in control of the PDK Party and who is pulling their strings.

PDK Party advertises their leader

The PDK and the LDK parties seem to be ignorant to the fact that Kosovo is in Europe and not in the USA. Why does any country in Europe have to be American? It is as if the Cold War had never ended in the US as they continue to have this paranoid mindset that you either have to support the US or Russia. It is only the Americans that have been brainwashed to think this way, in Europe nobody gives a damn. In fact most Europeans would respect Putin rather than crazy Trump. If the US is paranoid, because Serbia supports Russia, then it is their problem. Kosovars should not be bullied in this way.

The people of Kosovo will not put up with it anymore. They have had 20yrs or these criminals running the country and lining their own pockets, with any funds that are given to Kosovo for the people.

Tomorrow’s demonstration is just the first protest against Thaci’s actions and that of the corrupt Constitutional Court.

As we have witnessed in the past, the opposition has disrupted these demonstrations with violence to blame VV. Just as we have seen the US do in Syria, by sending in terrorists and then blaming the legitimate government for the killings. The US, PDK and LDK will do anything to turn tomorrow’s protest violent, but this will turn into the favour of the VV, because we have seen this happen in the US in recent days.



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