The Self-Determination Movement has reacted after the arrest of an activist of this party, who today during the time that the president of the country, Hashim Thaçi was holding a conference in the yard of the Assembly, shouted “thief” and “pronto”.

Through a reaction launched for the media, Albin Kurti’s party has stated that the bodyguards of the president have hit and beaten the activist Veron Hasani to death.

According to LVV, this happened after Hasani shouted “oh thief”, while Thaci was holding a conference in the yard of the Assembly.

“From the video footage attached, shot by the media, it is clear the inhuman and brutal behavior of these bodyguards towards a citizen who has done nothing but speak. After finishing work with the citizen, the bodyguards returned to the journalist, who was also attacked for taking the video. Covering the tracks, characteristic of the collaborators of this president. “A regime that does not tolerate truth, criticism, and justice can only behave in this way.”

This party has demanded that this activist be released immediately, while they have asked the law enforcement agencies to arrest the people who hit Hasan.

: VETËVENDOSJE Movement! activists and no citizen fears the latest blows of the Pronto-President who has lost his temper. We demand the immediate release of Veron, and we demand from the law enforcement agencies the arrest of these persons who hit the citizens just because they speak freely in the squares of the Republic. We also invite the organizations that deal with the monitoring of human and political rights, with democracy and freedom of speech, to react against this dictatorial arrogance that is trying to be imposed by Thaçi in Kosovo “, it is said in the communiqué.

LVV activist escorted to police: Mustafa and Thaçi’s government does not pass

This afternoon, while President Hashim Thaçi was holding a press conference, a group of citizens continued their calls, calling the head of state a “thief”. There, members of his defense reacted, causing a clash between them in “Ibrahim Rugova” square.

Veron Hasani, an activist of the Vetëvendosje Movement, was escorted by police officers to the police station. While citizens have opposed such a thing, cheering the “thieves in prison”, opposing the “arrest”, as they say, meanwhile Hasani has been seen bleeding and with some swelling on his face.

Hasani: The illegitimate government of Isa Mustafa and Hashim Thaçi does not pass

“We were attacked in this part of the square … the illegal government of Isa Mustafa and Hashim Thaçi does not pass …” Do you know why Veron Hasani is being arrested “… We are being denied free speech … “Why are you arresting the man, why are you arresting the man. Release the man, why he has expressed his opinion. Police state. In the service of the thieves, you immediately started in a state of readiness “, said Hasani.

Veron Hasani, who is an LVV activist, is said to have been hit by four people who had come from the courtyard of the Assembly while President Hashim Thaçi was holding a conference.

The incident during Thaçi’s conference is accompanied by VV activist

Veron Hasani, an activist of the Vetëvendosje Movement, was escorted by the police to the police station in Prishtina after the incident during a conference being held by President Hashim Thaçi.

While citizens continued to chant “Thieves in prison”, opposing the “arrest”, Hasani was seen bleeding and with some swelling on his face.

Incident at Thaçi’s conference: Thaçi’s people badly beat Vetëvendosje Movement activist

This afternoon, while the President of the country, Hashim Thaçi, was holding a press conference, a group of citizens continued their calls, calling the head of state “Hayn”.

There, members of his defense reacted, causing a clash between them in “Ibrahim Rugova” square.

Veron Hasani, who is an LVV activist, is said to have been hit by four people who had come from the courtyard of the Assembly while President Thaçi was holding a conference.

Fitim Pacolli, the brother of Vetëvendosje Movement MP Fitore Pacolli, said that violence had been used against the Vetëvendosje Movement activist.

Pacolli: Thaçi’s people beat the activist of Vetëvendosje Movement badly

“Some people in the president’s service have heard him and have come and used violence against him. “This is violence against the citizens of Kosovo because they do not dare to express their opinion on a president who behaves like a king in Kosovo’s institutions. This is a shame,” he said.

Another citizen said that he is ready to testify about what he saw today at “Ibrahim Rugova” square.

Video X: He punched as much as he could

head one here from the guard or defense what is, I know his face very well. He punched her as hard as he could. This is true. When he is happy, I testify, “he added.



The President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi has said that the vote of the new government is an important day for democracy in Kosovo.

The head of state at a press conference expressed good words for the newly elected Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti for his exhibition in the Assembly of Kosovo.

“I welcome the readiness to engage in dialogue with Serbia and the commitment to good relations with the United States,” he said.

In addition, he said the government should continue reforms in the economy and the rule of law.

Former Prime Minister Kurti demanded an easy handover to Prime Minister Hoti. He said barricades did no honor to anyone.

Incident during President Thaçi’s conference

While the country’s president, Hashim Thaçi, was holding a press conference, a group of citizens continued their cheers, calling the head of state a “thief”.

There, members of his defense reacted, causing a clash between them in Ibrahim Rugova Square.


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