A KALLXO.com survey reveals that Kushtrim Thaçi and Naser Veliu are members of the Board of Directors of the insurance company ” Kosova e re “.

The first, Kushtrimi, is the son of Gani Thaçi, the brother of President Hashim Thaçi. Meanwhile, Naser Veliu is the son of the current Minister of Internal Affairs and Deputy Chairman of the LDK, Agim Veliu.


The insurance company “Kosova e re” is owned by another company ” Fitorja Sh.PK “.

According to the legislation in force, the Law on Insurance, the boards of companies are approved by the Central Bank of Kosovo. This was announced by the CBK through a written response to KALLXO.com.

“Based on article 27 paragraph 1 of Law no. 05 / L-045 on Insurance, the Board of Directors of Insurers consists of a single number, not less than five (5) members with the right to vote, who are appointed and dismissed by the General Assembly of Shareholders, with a term of four (4) years. , with the possibility of re-election “, it is said in the response of the CBK spokesman.

The proposal for board members in insurance companies is not regulated by the legislation in Kosovo.

According to the CBK, Hashim Thaçi’s nephew, Kushtrim Thaçi, was appointed to the Board of Directors of “Kosova e re” on March 2, 2016 by the CBK itself, while Agim Veliu’s son, Naser Veliu, was appointed to this board on May 5, 2017. .

The director of the company “Kosova e re” has also confirmed that Kushtrim Thaçi is a relative of Hashim Tahci. Faton Hasani in a conversation for KALLXO.com said that both are professionals in the field.

“Yes Yes. Of course yes, I know he belongs to the president’s family. Yes, yes (he is the son of Agim Veliu, Naseri). These are members of the Board before the “Victory” in “New Kosovo”, when the Turkish company was the owner.These are positions that are approved by the central dwelling. Kushtrimi is an insurance expert by profession and Naseri is an economist “, said Hasani.

KALLXO.com has also contacted the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Deputy Chairman of the LDK, Agim Veliu, to get a comment on when his son was appointed to the board of “Kosova e re”, but he did not want to respond.

While, his son, Naseri, has admitted that he is part of the Board of Directors but did not want to comment on the closeness with Hashim Thaçi’s nephew, the Constitution.

He said he was proud to be the son of Agim Veliu, LDK’s number two.

“Why did you call me, Valon? I asked my brother if I was tired, talk. I believe that the director of the company told them the answer. I went and really found them there. For this work light I do not know why you are calling me. Yes, I am (Agim Veliu’s son) and I am proud to be the son of the Minister of Internal Affairs, come on, goodbye “, he said, closing the phone.

Kushtrim Thaçi, the son of Gani Thaçi, the brother of President Hashim Thaçi, also hung up the phone. He didn’t even like it when asked about his closeness to the country’s president.

“Yes! Yes, you will find them as long as I am (in the Board). A young man, yes. I know him late, for a year or so. The weather is in the Board, look there… Don’t play ***, tung e ki ”, declared Kushtrim Thaçi, closing the phone.

Agim Veliu is currently the Minister of Internal Affairs, while he was fired by Albin Kurti after he defended the idea of ​​President Hashim Thaçi to declare a state of emergency. Veliu’s dismissal was the motive for the breakdown of the coalition between Vetëvendosje and the Democratic League of Kosovo.

Otherwise, Kushtrim Thaçi is the son of Gani, the president’s brother, Hashim Thaçi. Gani Thaçi for several years had high positions in the Kosovo Security Bureau.

In 2012, he was elected director of the Kosovo Insurance Bureau to resign  only a few months later for personal reasons.

At the time when Gani Thaçi was elected director, the chairman of the Board of the Insurance Bureau was Rrahim Pacolli.

As director, Thaçi had a salary of about 4,000 euros. He was then appointed to the position of Deputy Director of the Bureau, for which he was paid about 3,500 euros.

The Kosovo Insurance Bureau was established in September 2011 and all licensed insurance companies are part of it. Thus, BKS is not a public institution and is not funded by the state budget but by member insurance companies.

During Gani Thaçi’s tenure as deputy director, Gazeta Jeta në Kosovë reported on a contract awarded to a company close to Thaçi’s family .

In addition to the salary, Thaçi also received bonuses of up to 10 thousand euros .

In October 2018,  Gani Thaçi , the brother of President Hashim Thaçi,  was involved in a physical altercation at the Kosovo Insurance Bureau . After the interview, the president’s brother was released in due course. Gani Thaçi retired prematurely in mid-2019.


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