In 16th of June 1999, Serbian paramilitaries kidnapped an Albanian Kosovar family and planned to rape the daughters in front of their family and then murder the rest.

Four British paratroopers were informed of this and despite being outnumbered 2-1, stormed the house and subdued the rapists.

The aggression continues against Kosovo by Serbia, in anyway they can get away with it. Who can forget the football game between Serbia and Albania in Belgrade when the supporters were chanting ‘Kill the Albanians’ and then attacked the players.

Serbia never misses a chance to attack Kosovars on social media.

On the other hand people forget it was the British that were the first to cross the border to put a stop to the Serbian ethnic cleansing that Serbia still seems to be proud of. The see Milosevic as a hero and have no shame at what their country did and would do it again. The Serbian  soldiers killed butchered and raped innocent people and then called the men that protected their families, terrorists.

Serbia cried victim when the US bombed them illegally, but they gave the US a big excuse to do so. The US usually attack countries based on lies, but Serbia gave it to them on a plate; no excuses or lies needed.

Bill Clinton put an end to it and now Donald Trump is starting it all up again. Trump who came to power under the guise of Peacemaker is showing time and time again with his aggression around the world, that he is a Warmonger of the worst kind.

Just a few of the comments posted by Serbs in reaction to the above photo being posted on Facebook.

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