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Former Vetëvendosje MP Sami Kureshi has reacted after the Special Court filed an indictment against Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi and PDK leader Kadri Veseli.

In his Facebook post, he published the list of 82 deputies who voted for the establishment of the Special Court.

He also wrote in his Facebook post that “these people, in addition to putting pressure on MPs, have bought votes even by forging public property, ambassadorial posts, customs terminals, government posts and leading positions of public enterprises.”


Hashim Thaçi, Kadri Veseli and Isa Mustafa have shown special commitment to this vote with their anti-Albanian contemporaries, despite the opposition of the Vetëvendosje Movement and the people.

Exactly these people, in addition to the pressure on the deputies, have bought votes even by forgiving public property, ambassadorial posts, customs terminals, government posts and leading positions of public enterprises.

All those Albanian MPs who voted for this discriminatory, one-sided and racist court, without distinction, together with the initiators of its creation, Thaçi, Veseli and Mustafa, are the shame and destroyers of Kosovo, the perpetrators of the KLA’s just war. and the destroyers of Kosovo’s Freedom!

Not Voted,0

1, Kadri Veseli PDK, PDK, Yes
2, Enver Hoxhaj PDK, PDK, Yes
3, Elmi Re ica PDK, PDK, Yes
4, Rafet Rama PDK, Abstain
5, Raif Qela PDK, PDK, No
6, Agim Aliu PDK , PDK, Yes
7, Fadil Beka PDK, PDK, Yes
8, Labinot Demi-Murtezi PDK, PDK, Yes
9, Sala Berisha-Shala PDK, PDK, Yes
10, Bekim Haxhiu PDK, PDK, Yes
11, Xhavit Haliti PDK , PDK, Yes
12, Ramiz Kelmendi PDK, PDK, Yes
13, Latif Gashi PDK, PDK, Yes
14, Adem Grabovci PDK, PDK, Yes
15, Azem Syla PDK, PDK, Yes
16, Zenun Pajaziti PDK, PDK, Yes
17 , Agim eku PDK, PDK, Yes
18, Naim Fetahu PDK, PDK, Yes
20, Besim Beqaj PDK, PDK, Yes
21, Nezir o aj PDK, PDK, Yes
22, G zim Kelmendi Pa Gr, Yes
23, Rrustem Mustafa PDK, PDK, Yes
24, Mexhide Mjaku-Topalli PDK, PDK, Yes
25, Flora Brovina PDK, PDK, No
26, Blerta Deliu-Kodra PDK, PDK, Yes
27, Selvije Halimi PDK, PDK, Yes
28 , Margarita Kadriu-Ukelli Pa Gr, Yes
29, Xhevahire Izmaku PDK, PDK, Yes
30, Luljeta Veselaj-Gutaj PDK, PDK, Yes
31, Safete Had rgjonaj PDK, PDK, Yes
32, Ganimete Musliu PDK, PDK, No
33 , Nait Hasani PDK, PDK, No
34, Shaip Muja Pa Gr, Yes
35, Fadil Demaku PDK, PDK, No
36, Hajdar Beqa PDK, PDK, Yes
37, Salihe Mustafa PDK, PDK, Yes
38, Vjosa Osmani LDK, LDK , Yes
39, Teuta Rugova LDK, LDK, Yes
40, Anton uni LDK, LDK, Yes
41, Ismet Beqiri LDK, LDK, Yes
42, Nuredin Ibishi LDK, LDK, Yes
43, Arben Gashi LDK, LDK, Yes
44, Sabri Hamiti LDK, LDK, Yes
45, Armend Zemaj LDK, LDK, Yes
46, Njomza Emini LDK, LDK, Yes
47, Naser Osmani LDK , LDK, Yes
48, Lirije Kajtazi LDK, LDK, Yes
49, Hatim Baxhaku LDK, LDK, Yes
50, Shpejtim Bulliqi LDK, LDK, Yes
51, Muhamet Mustafa LDK, LDK, Yes
52, Fatmir Rexhepi LDK, LDK, Yes
53 , Sadri Ferati LDK, LDK, LDK, Yes
54, Ali Sadriu LDK, LDK, Yes
55, Adem Salihaj LDK, LDK, Yes
56, Blerim Grainca LDK, LDK, Yes
57, Agim Ademaj LDK, LDK, Yes
58, Salih Morina LDK, LDK, Yes
59, Alma Lama LDK, LDK, Yes
60, Besa Gaxherri LDK, LDK, Yes
61, Teuta Sahatqija LDK, LDK, Yes
62, Doruntin Maloku LDK, LDK, Yes
63, Veton Berisha LDK, LDK, Yes
64, Etem Arifi LDK, LDK, Yes
65, Murat Hoxha LDK, LDK, Yes
66, Agim Kikaj LDK, LDK, Yes
67, Bardhyl Meta LDK, LDK, Yes
68, Milazim Haliti LDK, LDK, Yes
69, Synavere Rysha LDK, LDK, Yes
91, Blerim Shala Pa Gr, Yes
96, Melihate T rmkolli LDK, LDK, Yes
97, Milena Milicevic SL, SL, Yes
98, Bojan Mitic SL, SL, Yes
99, Serdjan Popovic SL, SL, Yes
100, Slavko Simic SL, SL, Yes
101, Slobodan Petrovic SL, SL, Yes
102, Sasa Milosavljevic SL, SL, Yes
103, Milka Vuletic SL, SL, Yes
104, Jasmina Zivkovic SL, SL, Yes
105, Jelena Bontic SL, SL, Yes
106, Adem Hodza SL, SL, Yes
113, Mufera Serbica-Sinik 6 +, 6 +, Yes
114, Duda Balje 6 +, 6 +, Yes
115, Danush Ademi 6 +, 6 +, Yes
116, Kujtim Pa aku 6 +, 6 +, Yes
117, Fikrim Damka 6 +, 6 +, Yes
118, Cerim Bajrami 6 +, 6 +, Yes
119, Nenad Rasic Pa Gr, Yes
120, Emilija Redzepi PDK, PDK, Yes



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