In just three trips of the state coordinator for the enigmatic dialogue with Serbia, Skënder Hyseni, and his staff have cost the Kosovo budget over 6,800 euros.

Half of this,  3,066 euros, were spent on Hysen’s trip to America in the first week of August. Of this 1,290 for a ticket, 659 euros for accommodation and 540 euros for lunches and dinners.

One of Hysen’s dinners, according to invoices provided through a request for access to public documents, amounts to $311. At the restaurant where he stayed for dinner, in addition to the $ 261 that dinner cost him, Hyseni owed taxpayers $ 50 in taxpayer money.

Hysen’s signature is put on another invoice, which has the figure of 244 euros, of which 36 dollars are also left for tips.

Four nights from his visit to America, the state coordinator for dialogue spent at this hotel in Washington DC, where he paid $ 169 for one night.

Before traveling to America, Hyseni stayed in Brussels. For three days Hyseni and his companion, Gazmend Qorraj and Muhamet Mustafa, spent 1 thousand 870 euros and 44 cents.

For a dinner in Brussels, the state coordinator for the dialogue, Skënder Hyseni, paid 169 euros and 50 cents. Of these, 63 euros for 300 grams of Irish steak, and 46 euros for wine.

Hyseni ordered a steak of wine on the last day of his stay in Brussels, a dinner for which he paid over 145 euros.

Cheaper than dinner cost Hysen a night at the hotel. At this hotel, where he stayed for three days, he paid 119 euros for accommodation.

The same message, wine steak, Hyseni made during his first trip to Brussels, a day after he was appointed to the post of dialogue coordinator.

For two dinners he paid 252 euros and 50 cents. More than half of them, or 135 euros for two wines.


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