Ujman is not natural wealth but artificial lake. Ujman is wealth because it is Kosovo’s wealth; not natural wealth, because it is built by the hand of man. Ujman is not water, Ujman is the earth, because once it is the earth and then water. Uyman is a land filled with water.

The full surface on which Ujman was built is Kosovo’s property. Cadastra, therefore ownership, extends further than the state border of the Republic of Kosovo with Serbia. So Ujmani is also in the territory of Serbia. Ujman is the land of Kosovo in the territory of Serbia. But he is also Kosovo’s.

Planning, design and construction were made with Kosovo’s declaration of interest, by means of Kosovo, destined for Kosovo, at the time when Kosovo was the autonomous socialist province of the federation.

Ujman is not a natural lake. There were land before water, which Kosovo expropriated, according to the laws in force and paid expensive for them.

There was no dispute with the former republics (today states) after the federation was dissolved.

Ujman was not built in collaboration with the other Republic (today Serbia), nor had Serbia for destination the use of the waters gathered in it by both entities at the time within the federation (today independent states), but only Kosovo. This is what every official document proves, but also the design of this water-energy complex.

The fact that from the point of view of the state border there are part of the artificial lake of Ujman, in the territory of Serbia, does not say anything about land ownership on which there is water today – it is the asset of the public company with the government as 100 % shareholders on behalf of our Republic. Ujman is a property issue, not a border.

Ujman is not the case of Shkodra’s natural lake, where the lake itself was divided between states, or the tectonic lake of Ohrid. But neither is the case of the international agreement on water exploitation and then the acquisition of the land like Lake Vërmica in Albania’s case with the world of Yugoslavia.

There has been no international nature dispute for Ujman or in any form related to international water law. Because no one has a dispute about the river flow which fills part of our artificial lake.

The time when Serbia could issue claims about this complex like Ujman was more than 40 years ago, when Kosovo’s interest in designing and expropriations for this purpose at federation level. The unfinished dispute cannot be simulated 40 years ago today in 2020. Because there is no more right. Everything was ratified at the federation level at the time and the issue is closed.

Anyone who is talking about Ujman as ′′ waters to be shared ′′ besides helping Serbia create a controversy of Kosovo’s property, at the same time pays the way to badly resolve the issue of border demarcation whenever it happens.

Ujman has no dispute, neither has anything to be used by Serbia, neither as fair nor as asset, because he has never belonged to it nor was built for parts or areas of it.

Ujman does not belong to Serbia, nor does the Republic of Serbia need it. Ujman seems to be only ′′ Zajednica like water for ‘Zajednica’.

Ujman is Kosovo’s land, water and energy, from Kosovo, for Kosovo.

Albin Kurti

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