EU Office: We are studying the Government’s decision to terminate the Task Force

The spokesperson for Communication at the EU Office in Kosovo, Dinka Zhivalj, commented on the issue of the abolition of the Task Force by the Government.

The EU Office has said that a strong political will is needed to fight corruption effectively.

“As we have emphasized in our Report on Kosovo 2020 and as EULEX acknowledged in the monitoring report published yesterday, there is a need for a strong political will to effectively fight corruption,” said Zhivalj.

The EU Office has further confirmed that this Government decision is being studied.

“We are studying the decision of the Government. “Kosovo is committed to effectively fighting high-level corruption, including vis-.-Vis the EU, both in the SAA and the roadmap for visa liberalization,” she said.


EULEX sees concern over the dissolution of the Task Force, demands clarifications from the Government on its position

The European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo – EULEX, assessed that the Government’s decision to close the Special Anti-Corruption Department within the Kosovo Police, raises serious concerns about Kosovo’s commitment to fight corruption.

“The government should clarify its position as soon as possible,” EULEX said in a response to TIME.

According to this mission, the extinct Task Force has played a crucial role in the field of anti-corruption.

“As stated in the monitoring report published yesterday (Monday) by EULEX, the Anti-Corruption Task Force was able to detect and conduct high-profile investigations involving prominent and politically exposed persons, as well as cases financial complexes, including cases related to privatizations or public tenders which have caused damage to the public budget that are estimated to have been in the amount of several million euros “, it is said in the response.

Meanwhile, EULEX has identified that there was no proper cooperation and coordination between the Anti-Corruption Task Force and the Special Prosecution Office of the Republic of Kosovo (SPRK).

“Mainly because there was no designated contact point in the SPRK for the Anti-Corruption Task Force. The recent establishment of a specialized anti-corruption department within the SPRK is a step in the right direction and should have materialized by improving its cooperation with the Kosovo Police Task Force to make progress in the fight against corruption. ” , it is said in the response to KOHA.



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