by N.SH

Years are passing, and the truth of the case of Astrit Dehari’s death is not being revealed.

We have had accusations and counter-accusations these years for Astrit’s death in the Detention Center in Prizren.

Hundreds of different personalities in Kosovo have spoken about this issue.

Today, the former KLA superior and former SHIK agent, Naim Miftari, also spoke.

He says that Prosecutor Sylë Hoxha is lying about the time of Dehari’s murder.

According to Miftari, Dehari died at 15:20, not at 15:55.

Miftari writes on Facebook that Thaçi’s political police, anti-terrorism investigators, gradians, prosecutors, prison leaders and prisoners have also been implicated in Astrit’s death.

He writes that Astrit’s killer is a prisoner who has previously committed a killer, so he killed a Kosovo police officer.

For more, read Miftari’s writing:

Forgive me Astrit’s mother

In the case of Astrit Dehari, Sylë Hoxha, the prosecutor, or rather with the puppets of Hashim Thaçi, Kadri Veseli and Ilmi Reqices, the political prosecutor is lying because Astrit Dehari was killed at 15:20, not at 15:55.

Involved in this murder are the political police of Hashim Thaçi, Ilmi Reqices, Kadri Veseli, anti-terrorism investigators, prison guard, prosecutor while the killers of Astrit Dehari are prisoners (in all likelihood one is also the killer of a Kosovo policeman ) who were commissioned by the political power (investigator_ guardian) to torture the late Dehari to force him to accept cooperation with the government and to accuse certain leaders of the LVV (Kurtin-Selimin-Konjufcen).

This illegal attempt is not the first case used in our prisons where the government uses prisoners to torture another disobedient prisoner. In this case, a young boy even led to the murder, always promising pardon and commutation of sentences. some criminal prisoners if they break the late Astrit Dehari and force him in cooperation with the government against LVV!

Let’s not forget the prosecutor Sylë Hoxha who is very well known who he serves (he tried to follow me too) had stated in a TV show, if I am not mistaken it was the murder of Commander Drini Ekrem Rexhe that those people killed by the STATE are never discovered killers you say he was talking about North Korea!


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