Speaker Vjosa Osmani spoke about the establishment of a new initiative, led by her, after the breakdown of relations with the LDK, where she held the position of deputy speaker and was a candidate for prime minister by this political entity.

Osmani said that the roads with the LDK have been divided since the General Council voted for its expulsion.

“There is a voted decision of the General Council. The LDK has ended everything with me with the decision to expel me. Anyone who tries to relativize such a decision that has never been made for anyone else in the last 30 years that the LDK exists, then does not understand the political processes, or tries to move away from a responsibility that they must take . “I have been blocked from any opportunity to contribute within the LDK”, Osmani said for Telegraf.

Asked if there could be a coalition between her initiative and Albin Kurti’s LVV, Osmani said that it remains to be seen.

“We are in the process of consolidating this initiative where we will have our list, and then whenever the elections are held we will sit down and discuss with LVV we will see where those negotiations will lead and we will see if we will have pre-election, or post-election coalition. This is a matter of cooperation that can be built in the future “, declared Osmani.

The Speaker stressed that the purpose of her new initiative is to fight the captured state, and that the profiles of the people who will be part of it will be people with integrity and professionalism.

“The profile is very simple, people with integrity and professionalism. The basic goal is that through this initiative we enable people who have been left out and who are successful today in various sectors, but whose doors have been closed for a long time because their work has not been appreciated. “We have a common enemy, which is the captured state”, said Osmani.


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