The state of Kosovo continues to be hit by theft scandals and tenders from government institutions.

Only during October, the “Hoti” Government has faced enormous scandals, starting with the super scandal where over 2 million euros were taken from the State Treasury and through the company LDA-Group were distributed to a large network of companies.

After illegally, 2 million and 77 thousand euros were transferred on October 9, from the State Treasury to the account of the private company “LDA Group” LLC, owned by Valon and Kadri Shala, after the theft of the Chief Finance Officer of the Ministry of Infrastructure , has informed its leaders about the course of events.

Just nine days after the scandal, he begged MI officials to block users from where the money was transferred, until the head of the ministry and its secretary commented on the case.

Four transactions were carried out from the Treasury to the company: 622 thousand euros; 375 thousand euros; 330 thousand euros; 750 thousand euros.

Based on the files of the State Prosecutor’s Office, the execution of illegal payments from the State Treasury to the account of “LDA Group” LLC was completed within eight minutes.

Through the processing of four transactions, at 12:41 on Friday, October 9, two million euros were transferred to the account of the company based in the village of Llapushnik in Drenas.

Just one day later, on October 10, the Chief Financial Officer notified the Ministry of Infrastructure of the four transactions made.

Through official e-mail, he informed in detail the other officials of the ministry, about the course of the scandal of 2 million.

The same, has shown that “LDA Group” LLC, is not a client of the Ministry of Infrastructure, and has clarified the fact by which users the transactions of thousands of euros have been performed.

“1. Company: LDA Group LLC – not a MI client; 2. The request for registration in the Supplier was made on 09/10/2020 by Hasan Krasniqi – which in MI we do not know, and is not part of ours: 3. Commitments used those earlier which were registered in the Kosovo Financial Management Information System (KFMIS); 4. The purchase order was issued on 09/10/2020 / by User AAlijaji – which User is not part of MI and we do not recognize; 5. The acceptance of the goods was made on 09/10/2020 by the User named HASANK1 – which User is not part of MI and we do not recognize; 6. The expense was made on 09/10/2020 by User BSelmani – which User is not part of MI and we do not recognize; 7. The certification is on 09/10/2020 at 12:41 by User FazliuF – which User is part of our Request on 28.01.

Regarding the 5 million tender won by his company for the construction of the hospital in Prizren, the Anti-Corruption Agency is investigating the Minister of Economy and Environment, Blerim Kuçi.

The news was announced by the director of the Anti-Corruption Agency, Shaip Havolli, who stated that Kuçi is being investigated for conflict of interest.

“Yes, there is a time when the Anti-Corruption Agency is investigating Minister Blerim Kuçi, regarding the tender of 5 million, for issues of conflict of interest. “Once the investigations are completed, the Prosecution will be notified”, said Havolli.

Kuçi last night launched the debate prematurely after a heated discussion with the panelists about a tender of 5 million that was reportedly won by the company where Kuçi himself is the owner.

In the ongoing debate with analyst Imer Mushkolaj and journalist Vehbi Kajtazi, Kuçi has warned that he will review his position as minister if the Anti-Corruption Agency finds a conflict of interest.

“You should invite me one more time to talk about other topics. “Tonight I came to talk only about the tender issue,” he said.

Kuçi said that he will review his position in the Hoti Government if his situation in conflict of interest is confirmed, for the tender that his company won from the state institutions, the media report.

After the media reported on the Foreign Advisor to the Minister of Justice Enis Qerka that he was arrested on the Kosovo-Macedonia border, on suspicion of being involved in the smuggling of 113 kilograms of heroin, in December 2018, the Minister of Justice Selim Selimi had been relieved of duty.

“This morning, after media reports, I fired Enis Qerka,” he said.

The court had sentenced Qerka to one month in detention, but he was released from custody a week later, with the order to report to the police station.

Despite the aforementioned scandals, no minister has resigned to take on the institutional burden, even reasoning that they are fighting “crime and corruption” .


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