Protests are the only way left for businesses to seek the adoption of the Law on Economic Recovery, said the President of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Berat Rukiqi.

The announcement comes on the day the government decided to ban weekend business activities across the country.

“There is tremendous pressure from businesses to organize protests and other forms of opposition to the prolongation of the adoption of the law on economic recovery and recent decisions related to the management of the pandemic,” Rukiqi wrote on Facebook, adding that the social burden of “Pandemics are being paid for by businesses.”

“The business situation is getting worse every day. “If there is no approval of the law on economic recovery and if measures are taken to manage the situation with the pandemic, without any consultation with businesses, protests remain the only way to demand institutional seriousness in ensuring the survival of businesses,” he concluded. .

Today the Government took the decision to close businesses across the country by Monday, while seven municipalities were quarantined.


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