The Yellow House, which became known from the report of Swiss Senator Dick Marty, has an owner. Mersin Katuçi says that his house was used by the KLA, which fought for the freedom of Kosovo, and not as a hospital for organ trafficking, as Marty claimed.

Mersin Katuçi, the owner of the ‘Yellow House’, described by Dick Marty’s report, interviewed by Top Channel, for the control in February 2004 there, looking for blood stains or syringes.

According to him, the authorities suspected that the house had been used as a hospital. But Katuci denies such a thing.

He even demands the full clarification of this injustice.

Katuci when you first learned that allegations had been made that the KLA had undertaken organ trafficking in this house?

On February 4, 2004, a search was conducted here near my apartment. Together with the prosecutor of Mat District, Mr. Arben Dyla who is today a prosecutor in Kavaja District, with the district police, with the area inspector Mr. Astrit Pelesha and the district police.

Yes Dick Marty has been here?

Yes, he came to Tirana and asked the Albanian state for a decision, they did not give it to him. Smuggled, Mat District police, Mat District Prosecution have called that a check will be made here again after 2004, I refused. A few hours ago they came here, we came out blocking the road as a family. We confronted the police and Dick Martin’s companions, he was disguised. If you saw along the way there is a cemetery, their companions wanted to exhume the remains of the village. They wanted to make DNA with the bones of Albanians to label them as Serbs. This is very unfair. For these KLA fighters, they fought a just war, the whole world knows what the Serbs in Kosovo did. They have involved us, but we have no connection at all. In ’99, a Kosovar did not set foot here, in our area,

When the check was made that you just told me, what kind of check was it?

A search was carried out here, in this apartment, inside and outside they took the child out, my elderly father and a three-month-old child out. Here they were looking for blood stains, syringes, claiming that this house was once a hospital, but it was not. They barbarically, together with the district prosecutor, wanted to break into the room, threw poisonous substances, I have listed them in books and newspapers. They left us without food for 24 hours.

What exactly are you asking from the Albanian authorities?

I have asked from the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha to the Prime Minister Rama, that the right of my family be clarified. I want a moral compensation. I want the Albanian state to file an indictment in the Hague Tribunal, for the injustice done to me and the Albanian state. I asked several times this was not taken into account at all. Therefore, I strongly urge the entire Albanian state, I call on Prime Minister Edi Rama to have this family with the naked eye because I have been done a great injustice, if he is the Prime Minister of the Albanians, if he is in the party with the Serb, let him stay with them.


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