The US used the Constitutional Court to remove the elected Prime Minister Albin Kurti from power. The Constitutional Court only works for the opposition parties and has a history of corruption. Courts should be unbiased, but in Kosovo it is the opposite with judges and politicians doing anything to boost  their bank account.

The Constitutional Court changed Kosovo from a Democracy to a Dictatorship.

The Constitutional Court has a colourful past, since it’s creation. Just as recently as 2016, Enver Hasani, the former president of the Kosovo Constitutional Court, has been indicted for fraud, according to a Wednesday news release from the Special Prosecutors Office.

Hasani is accused of abusing his office regarding the appointment or extension of the three international judges of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo.

According to the indictment, Hasani allegedly falsified a signature of one of the three judges, an American, Bulgarian and Portuguese national, who remain on the bench as a legacy of the international oversight of Kosovo, according to Balkan Insight.

The judges were reappointed last summer amid controversy, with Kosovan Ombudsman Sami Kurteshi saying that Kosovan President Atifete Jahjaga’s action in bypassing “the elected representatives of the people in naming judges to the highest court,” was unconstitutional.

A memo acquired by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) alleged irregularities with the appointments when it was revealed that Jahjaga was allegedly coerced by the European Union rule-of-law mission, EULEX, into accepting appointments without parliamentary approval.

After the court ruled a case inadmissible, speculation arose that Hasani had forged the name of the American judge on the ruling documents, according to Balkan Insight.

Meanwhile, the Special Prosecutor on Wednesday closed a fraud investigation into the current president of the Constitutional Court, Arta Rama-Hajrizi, citing a lack of evidence.

In an unrelated case, Hasani was accused last July of fraud while he served as rector of Pristina University, according to Balkan Insight.     OCCRP



Albin Kurti, leader of the Vetevendosja Party are totally against corruption and the reason the opposition politicians and judges affiliated to the opposition are quaking in their shoes. The US have made it totally clear on many occasions that it does not like the VV party, citing many excuses for their view, but their decision last year to make their military base Bondsteel a permanent base and the largest outside the US, does not leave much to the imagination. This is the United States foothold in Europe and they are going to hold on to it and keep control.

Since the US changed the government to their puppet Hoti, the US Embassy facebook page has been giving orders, making it no secret who is  pulling the strings. They are so determined not to let the VV party win the upcoming elections, that all the main parties have joined in a coalition to fight them. These politicians are not only fighting for their political future, but the corrupt among them are fighting to stay out of jail.

Now the Constitutional Court have started the fight again, ruling that Albin Kurti cannot even be the leader of the VV and not eligible to be Prime Minister.

According to the verdict of the Constitutional Court, the leader of VV, Albin Kurti and some former deputies will not be able to run for deputies, due to the sentence for tear gas.

There have been many reactions to this, and VV has said that nothing can stop them.

Related to this, the expert on political issues, Islam Krasniqi, told the newspaper “Bota sot” that according to practice this does not stand, as Kurti’s act was judged by the criminal code that was in force when the act was committed and that sentence provided it produced no effect.

On February 14, the citizens of Kosovo will go to the polls to elect their representatives.

“According to some interpreted opinions that the Judgment of December 21 issued by the Constitutional Court prohibits Mr. Kurti to run as the head of government from the LVV party or as it is emphasized that prohibits them to run persons convicted of a criminal offense in the last three (3) years, to be a member of the Assembly of Kosovo. According to court practice this does not stand as the offense that was committed or charged Mr. Kurti with some others is tried according to the criminal code that was in force at the time the offense was committed, and according to that Law, the suspended sentence did not produce any effect, which according to the Code z. “Kurti has the right to run for deputy, exactly for the head of the government and to be certified by the CEC”, he said.

According to Krasniqi, if the Constitution prohibits Kurti from running, it is an injustice done to VV, trying to nail him.

“In case the Constitution prohibits Mr. “Kurti to run is an injustice which is just a continuation of the injustices done to LVV, trying to nail the leader of the largest party in the country, issuing a double-edged verdict”, declared Islam Krasniqi for “Bota sot”.

The Internationals that live in Kosovo are behind Albin Kurti as they know it is the only way for Kosovo to move on and out from under the cloud of corruption.

The citizens took to the streets at midnight when Albin Kurti won the last election to celebrate and they will do so again. If the US interferes with this election, the same people will take to the streets, but they won’t be celebrating.



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