According to the first results presented by the organizations that have observed the elections, Lëvizja Vetëvendosje has won convincingly. In second place is the Democratic Party of Kosovo, while in third place is the Democratic League of Kosovo, followed by the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo. Based on these results, the Social Democratic Initiative has not managed to cross the electoral threshold of 5% of the votes that is necessary for entry into Parliament.

And after the publication of these results, immediately came the request for the resignation of the leader of the LDK, Isa Mustafa.

It is Nehat Geci, one of the Geci brothers, who has demanded Mustafa’s resignation.

Full post:

Thank you, citizens of Kosovo, for showing prudence and education of European level and quality during these elections. You showed the civilized world that we are like you! Thank you thank you 🙏!

Reaction II to Isa Mustafa and his clan:

The successive reactions dedicated and addressed to the LDK leadership, especially directly addressed to the chairman Isa Mustafes, his resignation, especially one week before the elections, was the last signal to save something, but here we are now!

LDK destroyed and deformed by his clan to scribble the most important entity in Kosovo, the LDK, where it was the political entity that led all the processes of our country from 1989 until the days of Rugova. We ask the supporters of LDK and Rugovistat, the real rightists that we are all of Kosovo to be together, that if there is a need to take to the streets and remove from the offices of LDK Isa Mustafa and his people, we ask the body senior leader of the LDK, the general council to distance themselves from all orders of Isa Mustafa, we ask them to join the council and take the decision to dismiss Isa Mustafa and all decision-makers in the LDK. And urgently put in charge an acting director such as Kujtim Shala, Lumir Abdixhiku, Anton Çuni, until the next decision. We will use all democratic and legal means to dismiss all those responsible for the LDK result from 2006 until today. Isa Mustafa overshadowed the LDK for 12 years, becoming a vassal of Hashim Thaçi, Albin Kurti, Ramush Haradinaj, Vuçiç, whose joooo, and keeping his personal interests at the expense of those who kept the LDK alive, and Kosovo being killed and being called a traitor by Isa’s friends. In the supporters of LDK we kept this subject alive for 30 years, Isa Mustafa with his clan has brought to our knees our hard work of 30 years, to preserve his wealth and that of the close circle in our name and that of LDK -se. LDK led by Isa Mustafa has lost all elections, both Local and National, and has brought the LDK closer to the brink of total capitulation. Therefore, we urgently ask the ketamonster of various circles to leave, to leave the LDK subject, otherwise they will face the force of the citizen like some leaders and deputies in Ukraine and many other countries in the world. Run away because we will not forgive you anymore, we can not stand it anymore, run away before it is too late for you, because the voice of the citizen is Alpha and Omega.


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