The latest info on the South African, Brazilian and UK variants of coronavirus

What are the symptoms of the new Covid variants?

The new strains of coronavirus share the same key symptoms with the initial strain – including a high temperature, continuous cough, and loss of sense of taste or smell.

There has been some early research on the UK (Kent) strain that shows the symptoms are very similar to other strains. According to the research, based on testing in England, 35% of people who tested positive for the UK variant reported having a cough, compared to 27% who tested positive for other strains.

The common symptoms that were reported for the UK strain are similar to other variants – for example, fatigue (32% of people with the UK variant), muscle aches (25%), a fever (21%) or sore throat (21%). These levels of symptoms are similar to the levels seen with other strains.

Loss of taste or loss of sense of smell is slightly less common for people with the new UK strain – 15% of people with the UK strain report either of these symptoms, compared to 18% of people with other strains.

As reported in Heart Matters magazine.

In past years if anyone had any of the above symptoms, they would not visit a doctor, but just go to the local pharmacy and buy cold and flu medication. Now the media are trying to hide the symptoms and frighten people into lockdown.

As they keep adding every symptom known to mankind as Covid, people will not getting the right treatment if the symptoms are for some other life threatening disease.

A year ago anyone that had a persistent cough were told they had coronavirus. Once year on and they are telling anyone with the same symptoms that they may have lung cancer. You could have been poisoned, but the symptoms will now say don’t worry you just have coronavirus.

The Good News

Around the world seasonal flu is no longer exists, gone, wiped out. No need for seasonal flu vaccines anymore, or has seasonal flu now been re-named Covid-19. You can’t have it both ways, it is either one  or the other.



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