Richard Grenell can’t get over the fact that Albin Kurti was elected back into power with a huge landslide, just seven months after Grenell had him ousted for ‘not being American enough’ and make sure he could get a deal done for Kosovo to open an Embassy in Jerusalem.

Under the guise of  “Peace Talks” between Serbia and Kosovo, Grenell tricked the two countries to sign a deal to open Embassies in Jerusalem. The US knowing there would be an outcry around the world if they told the real reason behind these peace talks.

Albin Kurti was returned to power in the recent elections by a landslide and became the most voted leader in Kosovo’s short history. This result has angered Grenell, who didn’t want Kosovo to have elections, as  it was a risk he would lose his puppet Prime Minister Hoti, that he could control. In fact Hoti’s party LDK had their worst result and went from part of the coalition last year, to third place. Vetevendosje have won by such a landslide, they have no need for a coalition, which makes it more difficult for the US to interfere.

This has really upset Grenell and he has done nothing but attack Albin Kurti with a war of words. Not really a good idea if you want someone to take your side, but the attacks on Kurti continue by the US.

Grenell and the US seem to forget that Kosovo is not anywhere near the US, it is in Europe. It is part of Europe and trying to be part of the EU. Tourists to Kosovo are shocked to see streets named after Americans, statues of Americans and US Agencies and US flags everywhere.  There is not another country in the world that celebrates another country before their own.

The US doesn’t see Kosovo this way, but see it as their country with the biggest military base outside of the US and a new Embassy that is so big, that it has six more floors underground. Last year building was underway at the military Bondsteel base to change it from temporary to permanent.

The Cold War never finished as far as the US is concerned and their prime aim in this area is giving Serbia what they want for them to break off ties with Russia. The US were willing to give Serbia part of Kosovo and anything else they want to make this happen. Using Kosovo as a bargaining chip, which they have just lost.

Previous deals have been one sided in favour of Serbia, with no benefit to Kosovo at all. In the past leaders such as Hashim Thaci and Isa Mustafa have been in the pocket of the US and have made deals that are detrimental to Kosovo. Albin Kurti puts Kosovo and it’s people first and is against corruption and will not be bought. This is the real reason Grenell and the US don’t want him as PM.

Former German diplomat reacts to Grenell: Honestly, stop! Former German diplomat Wolfgang Ischinger has reacted to former Donald Trump envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Richard Grenell, who said that the international community has not made all that investment in Kosovo for someone to come out and then dismantle it, referring to Albin Kurt.

Ischinger attacked Grenell in a Twitter post that his term had expired and advised him to leave Kosovo to its people. “Ric, honestly: stop trying to intervene. A lot of damage has been done. Your term has expired. “Leave Kosovo to the people of Kosovo.”

Albin Kurti and Vetevendosje won the election, because the people are fed up with the corruption and stand for Self Determination. Time for Kosovo to take back their country and convict the corrupt thieves that have lined their own pockets.


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