At the current government meeting, Prime Minister Albin Kurti unveiled his governing program for the first term 2021-2025, where among other things he announced that they will prepare lawsuits against Serbia.

“We will prepare a genocide lawsuit against Serbia in the International Court of Justice,” said Kurti.

He also said that they will have a principled dialogue with Serbia with mutual recognition agreements.

“We will have a principled dialogue prepared with Serbia with mutual recognition agreements,” said Kurti.

Further, Kurti added that these priorities will be implemented within the budget limits, while the governing program will be reviewed every beginning of the financial year .

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health, Arben Vitia has demanded that travel from countries where new variants of coronavirus have appeared be banned.

He asked the ministers to vote on this draft proposal, so that travelers coming from Brazil, India and Africa are not allowed to enter Kosovo.

“Taking into account the epidemiological situation in the world and the emergence of new variants with Covid-19 in countries such as Brazil, India and South Africa, we recommend that travel from these countries be banned and passengers from these countries not be allowed to arrive,” he said. Vitia. /

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