Does the virus come out at 11pm

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic of last year, Kosovo handled the situation better than any other country in Europe.

The Kurti government closed the airport and shut down the country one week before New Zealand did. Anyone returning to Kosovo on special flights were taken directly to a quarantine centre, which was set up in the University Student Halls and there was lockdown, when people were only allowed out of their homes two separate hours a day.

This worked and the numbers went right down and by July the airport was re-opened to limited flights and lockdown was finished.

Then the US forced out the Kurti government and replaced it with the unelected Hoti government and then there was a second wave and a curfew was put in.

Finally last year numbers went down again and the curfew ended.

With new elections and Kurti back as PM as numbers rose during the winter the curfew came back in and pubs and restaurants had to close for a few weeks again.

Then they were allowed to open until 9pm and now 10pm which leads to total traffic jams at 10pm as everyone tries to get home at the same time.

As a cross section in one pub, everyone has had covid-19 and everyone has antibodies. In fact I personally don’t know anyone that hasn’t had it. This is probably the same in most bars and restaurants, so why is there still a curfew?

Is it just about money and corruption, as police are fining bars, restaurants and people if they do not close or get home fast enough. Are they keeping this up to make as much money as they can, while putting more businesses out of business.

It is ridiculous having this night curfew which has nothing to do with the virus now. What difference does it make if the same people in a bar stay there a few hours longer? What on earth is the logic behind it? Also what is the point of wearing a mask outside when you have spent all evening inside without one.

Most countries don’t have to wear masks outside as there is plenty of proof that masks do nothing at all to protect anyone.

As Kosovo has done better than the rest of Europe to fight the virus, why are ministers copying the UK  standing behind a similar message as the country which has the worst record in the world?


Kosovo should stand up and be proud of what they have achieved instead of cow-towing to countries with a worse record.

Stop the curfew!

Stop the late night traffic problems!

Stop fining businesses which are already struggling!

Give us back our late night freedom!

Soon there will be no businesses left to fine.


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