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The second meeting in Brussels, between the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, and the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vuiqi., Did not go well for the Serbian side.

It was the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Kurti, who with his statements, drove the Serbian president crazy.

In this meeting between the Albanian delegation led by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti and the Serbian one, led by the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, the Albanian delegation offered a Statement of Peace with six articles, as the Prime Minister said, balanced, and which speaks of the commitment not to attack each other and the reciprocity of rights.

Regarding this issue, prof. Dr. Sadri Ramabaja says that, together with this statement, Prime Minister Kurti offered, in addition to the mediator, the Serbian president, three special books: the first that deals with the stories of women raped in Kosovo during the war; the second, with the list of 1,133 children killed, of which 109 are still missing, during the last war (1998/99) and the voluminous book in two languages ​​- Albanian and English “Muhajirs – British Dossier”, where the object of treatment is expulsion of Albanians from the Sandzak of Nis.

The latest book is the strongest evidence of the genocide committed by Serbia in 1878/79. That act can be described as the first genocide designed and executed by the Serbian government. 

“In the announcement that Mr. Gould, the English diplomat, wrote to the Marquis of Salisbury on February 26, 1879, the planned act for the execution of the genocide against the Albanian population of the province of Toplica, Nis, Pirot, Kursumlija and Vraja is clearly emphasized…

“As a preliminary step towards the regular administrative organization of the territories that have been given to it recently, the Serbian Government has foreseen the compilation of a list which will list the villages included in each of the four provinces, between which these villages are divided. . “According to this list, there are 248 villages in the province of Nis, 189 in that of Pirot, the same number in that of Vraja, and 372 in that of Toplica, or all together 998 villages in the four above-mentioned provinces.” , says Ramabaja.

According to him, this act was preceded by the deep indoctrination of the Serbian population by the Church and the school together, for decades.

He adds that the same was done with the preparation of the second genocide (1912/1913) and the third 1998/1999.

In Serbian literature, the opus of folk songs under the logo “Kosovo Cycle” is especially well known. All the creativity of this opus is based mainly on three motives: that of bravery, betrayal and cursing. “The motive of the whole cycle that has to do with betrayal has as its main character the Serbian prince Vuk Brankovic, who over time will become the whole Serbian literature synonymous with betrayal”, he emphasizes.

According to him, it is worth mentioning the fact that the State and the Serbian Church had agreed to hand over to the International Court of Justice the criminal Slobodan Milosevic exactly on June 28, 2001, the day the Church had timely imposed him as a Serbian leader based on the Serbian myth about Kosovo. (Day of the Battle of Kosovo – June 28, 1389), called Vidovdan. 

According to him, he was surrendering, not as a hero, but as a traitor, on whom the curse was already falling, since the Serbs are losing Kosovo again.

Let us remember the powerful Serbian symbolism: Milosevic was surrendering to the International Court of Justice, not because he had caused Serbia’s third genocide against Albanians in a century (1878/1912/1999), but because he lost Kosovo. “This symbolism associated with the Serbian curse must have been reminded to Aleksandar Vucic in the moments when Albin Kurti slapped him in the face on the facts of the three Serbian genocides against Albanians, perhaps less than segments of the opus on the betrayal of Vuk Brankovic,” he said. 

According to Belgrade media, a heated debate erupted at the opening of the meeting, as Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti initially accused Serbia of committing three genocides against Albanians, from 1878 to 1999.

Speaking on Serbian television RTS from Brussels, Aleksandar Vucic expressed his anger and theatricality in relation to the demands of the Albanian side. He stated that Albin Kurti pointed out during today’s meeting that Serbia had committed a triple genocide against Albanians and that Serbia had to face the past. But, as a responsible president, he said that “I will share the fate with his people in Kosovo and Metohija”! Serbian President Vuiqi për will not hesitate to tell the Belgrade media that the attitude of the Kosovar delegation was structured and that they are trying to promote “a new policy that they are trying to push throughout the region, because Serbia is more economically strong. ”, adds Ramabaja.

According to him, the concern this time seems to have to do, not simply with the symbolism associated with the betrayal of Vuk Brankovic and the name of Slobodan Milosevic, on whom the Serbian curse fell, but with his own failure as a politician and the Führer ( Voxha) of Serbia.

He can no longer hide the fact that the position of the government of Prime Minister Kurti will fundamentally undermine the Serbian project on the so-called “Minishengen”, as the first step of the macro-project called “Serbian World”, which was promoted by the Minister his fascist Aleksandër Vulin ”, concludes prof. Dr. Sadri Ramabaja.


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