Experimental coronavirus drug Remdesivir failed in human trial.

When  Remdesivir was used in a clinical trial along with tow other drugs, to treat ebola, it was pulled from the trial, when it caused kidney failure and death. It was not given approval by the FDA because it was deemed too dangerous.

Fast forward to the Covid pandemic and the owners Gilead, put their drug forward to treat Covid, saying that:

“We believe the post included inappropriate characterizations of the study,” saying it was terminated early due to low enrollment and was therefore not statistically meaningful.

“As such, the study results are inconclusive, though trends in the data suggest a potential benefit for Remdesivir, particularly among patients treated early in disease,” the spokesman added.

The WHO then gave permission for this drug that had killed people in trials, to be the only drug to be used for Covid patients, even though it had not been passed by the FDA. Not only was it to be the only drug used, but two other drugs that had been passed by the FDA  and been used for years with little or no side effects, years of trials for safety and can stop the harmful effects of Covid, were banned in the treatment. These two harmless drugs are Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. The two over the counter tried and tested drugs which would not make any money for Big Pharma.

The side effects of Remdesivir are exactly the same as the symptoms they are giving out for Covid. Only when a patient dies from Remdesivir, the hospital will say they died of Covid.

Yet if you google the drug, you will find pages after pages of this wonder drug, how good it is and no mention that it failed clinical trials, but despite this Google are pushing this drug hard. Not only that, it is being sold to countries at a very high price, even though it is only approved for use wit Covid. It is not approved to be used for anything else because it causes kidney failure, which they can always say was caused by Covid and not the drug. In reality people are not dying of Covid, they are being killed by Remdesivir and those that are administering it should be charged with murder.

This turns a pandemic into mass murder.

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