My full speech at the first session of the Kosovo Assembly fall session on the departure of implementation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs decision that obliges all vehicles holding Serbian license plates and entering the territory of the Republic of Kosovo
Dear MPs of the Assembly of the Republic,
Dear citizens of Kosovo,
September 15, 2021, was the deadline when the agreement reached in Brussels finally had to be concluded and prohibited car traffic with any of the tables, except those ′′ RKS “. Republic of Kosovo from 15 September 2021, has terminated the issuance of ′′ KS ′′ tables because from this date these tables are no longer valid.
Five days after the expiry of the deadline set by the free movement agreement, the Ministry of Internal Affairs today took the necessary measures to confiscate all illegal tables within the territory of the Republic of Kosovo, as well as at all border crossing points.
No matter what nationality the possessors of cars with nonvalid boards are, they are being confiscated. At all points of the border crossing of the Republic of Kosovo, vehicles holding tables of Serbia and entering the territory of Kosovo will be provided with temporary tables.
A technical agreement between Kosovo and Serbia was reached in 2011 for free movement and finalized in Brussels on September 14, 2016. Since that time, Kosovo has implemented all obligations including also facilitating the process for vehicle registration. Administrative infrastructure for issuing necessary documents for vehicle registration has been completed. Complements and legal changes have also been made to facilitate vehicle registration through a series of actions.
One of these actions was the extension of the validity of the ′′ KS ′′ tables for 5 years, respectively until September 15, 2021, when it was scheduled to be the deadline for removal from the use of these tables, as well as the tables with ′′ KM ′′ acronyms (for Kosovo Mitrovica), ′′ PR ′′ (for Pristina), ′′ UR ′′ (for Ferizaj), ′′ PZ ′′ (for Prizren) and ′′ GL ′′ (for Gjilan).
Dear citizens and honorable deputies,
As Prime Minister of all citizens of Kosovo, I assure you that the actions taken today by the competent authorities to implement this free movement agreement are not directed against Serbian citizens.
They are in no way meant to violate the right to free movement of Serbian citizens or provoke any destabilization. Just like yesterday, today and tomorrow, Serbian citizens will move freely, safely and protected by the law and constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and by me as its prime minister.
I expect all citizens to understand clearly that nothing illegal or discriminatory is happening today. Today, only the implementation of an agreement on which Serbia has agreed with the help of the European Union is starting, because freedom of movement is both human and civil rights and European value.
So I ask Serbian citizens to continue the pace of daily life without worries and worries that you are being violated by any rights.
Y ‘ all are equal citizens of this country, with all rights and obligations.
Equality for us is a value we implement in practice and let’s engage together for our common good.
In the end let me just show how this equal treatment is done with these temporary boards which are not our desire but imposition from the other side. So these are our tables that are temporary for those who come with other tables, meanwhile it’s been 10 years that our citizens pay for these tables that are down. We don’t want these or these, but until there are installments, there will be installments.
Thank you. Thanks.
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