“Serbia had to withdraw and for the first time its demands were not met.”

This is what the Chairwoman of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Belgrade, Sonja Biserko, said in a response to Albanian Post.

“Kosovo got what it wanted,” she said, “reciprocity,” but that this “will continue to be negotiated.”

However, says Biserko, the Serbian media “portrayed this as a defeat of Albin Kurti and a great and wise victory of Aleksandar Vucic”.

The well-known political activist says that “due to the international political vacuum, an escalation in northern Kosovo is something that can be expected”, because this vacuum itself “has encouraged local actors to act”, as they did.

“Kosovo has reasonably raised the issue of reciprocity,” she told the AP.

Further, she estimates that in this dispute that started on September 20 between Kosovo and Serbia, two things have been achieved.

First, “international actors quickly returned to the stage” and second, “an agreement was reached that paved the way for the continuation of the dialogue.”

“By raising the readiness of military troops and flying helicopters, Belgrade showed in which direction the situation could move and thus violated the red line to which others reacted,” Biserko said.

Meanwhile, such moves, Biserko calls to understand that they are only in favor of Russia.

“We have to keep in mind that such scenarios are in favor of Russia, which is certainly encouraging Belgrade. “It is important for them to know how well the West is able to really defend its sphere of interest, which the Balkans really is.”

“It turned out that without the intervention of the United States of America, there would be no progress. “The European Union no longer has the mobilizing potential it had.”

While, what are the next steps to be taken in the issue of Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Biserko says that a comprehensive agreement is needed, which should find an epilogue in the recognition of Kosovo by Serbia.

“The next step is to continue the dialogue within a certain time frame – of not more than a year – and to adopt an agreement that would lead to the recognition of Kosovo’s independence by Belgrade. “At the same time, this means that the issue of Bosnia is closed and that it is an integrated state with central authority in Sarajevo,” Biserko said.

These are the unfinished works, which according to Biserko, must be done.

“Only by closing these unfinished business is it possible to close the crisis in the Balkans and prevent further collapses in the region.” “Only after these things can a substantial democratization be expected in the Balkans”, concludes Sonja Biserko for Albanian Post. /Albanianpost.com

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