Goran Stanisic was sentenced to 20 years in prison by the Basic Court in Pristina, after being found guilty of killing 13 civilians in Slovenia, Lipjan, during the recent war in Kosovo.

The verdict against him was announced on Tuesday by the presiding judge, Judge Valon Kurtaj.

According to the indictment filed by the Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo, the accused Goran Stanisic, as a member of the reserve police force of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia, in April 1999, during the war in Kosovo, contrary to the rules of international humanitarian law, during a large-scale and systematic attack by Serbian paramilitary and police forces against the Albanian civilian population in the villages of Slovi and Tërbovc, in cooperation with other members of this unit, had participated in the expulsion of the Albanian civilian population and in committing murders and other illegal acts.

According to the indictment, on April 15, 1999, in the village of Slovi in ​​the Municipality of Lipjan / Lipljan, the defendant, in cooperation with other members of the unit, went to the yard of the G family house and ordered the members of this family to leave the house. and after they had gone out, they had separated the men from the women, forced the women and children out of the yard into the street.

The indictment alleges that later, in the presence of witnesses ZG and her daughter Xh.H, who had not yet left the yard, MG, his two sons OG and EG, and two nephews were lined up near the yard wall of the house. his, AG and BH, and then shot in their direction with automatic weapons and that they had all killed on the spot, and then forced ZG and XH to leave the yard.

Further, the indictment alleges that on the same day and in the same village, in interaction with other members of the unit, they drove to the yard of family B. After leaving the car, they fired automatic weapons in the direction of FG, BB, FB and RB, who had been in the yard near the well, and had killed FB by shooting him in the back, while FG, BB and RB had escaped by running in different directions from the scene.

Always according to the indictment, on the same day and in the same village, near the old school of the village, they had separated from the column of the Albanian civilian population that had forced them to leave the village, JK, BG, VP, RK, AI and FB, and after lining them up against a wall, they fired in their direction with automatic weapons, killing them all on the spot.

On 16 April 1999, in the village of Tërbovc in the Municipality of Lipjan, in a place called “Lugu i Lakrave”, the defendant together with four other uniformed and armed persons had detained the injured party AI together with the now deceased ZG, which had been going through the mountains to join their fellow villagers and their families.

According to the indictment, the injured party AI had taken out a pack of cigarettes at the request of the defendant, and by giving the cigarettes to other persons, she had taken the opportunity and started running to escape, while the defendant with persons other gunmen had shot at her to kill her, where they had hit her in the right thigh, for which she had fallen, and rolled to the stream, where in the evening the villagers had found her, and after she had had shown the place where he had parted with the late ZG, the villagers had gone there and found her dead.

For this, the prosecution accuses the accused that in cooperation with other unknown members of the Serbian police reserve unit and other armed persons, has committed the criminal offense “war crimes against the civilian population” under Article 142, in conjunction with Article 22 of the Criminal Code of the Socialist Federal Republic of the former Yugoslavia, currently penalized as War Crimes in Serious Violation of Article 3 of the Geneva Convention under Article 146, paragraph 1, and Article 2, sub-paragraph 2.1, in conjunction with Article 31 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kosovo. / Oath of Justice

Note: The persons mentioned in this article are considered innocent, unless the court finds them guilty by a final decision.


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