The situation is seeming too calm to wait for war to break out!

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has just alerted that Serbia is ready to break out the third Balkan war, and he has even confirmed this in a British medium, in “the Telegraf”.

Days ago, US expert Janusz Bugajski similarly warned, warning of a dramatic turn of events in the Balkans, that Bosnia is almost too close to war. “Belgrade and Moscow accuse the Government of Kosovo of threatening the rights and existence of the Serb minority. “A similar story can be used against the Bosnian government to justify the war,” Bugajski wrote, among other things.

This picture looks even gloomier, while the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vuiqi vetë, has used a visit outside Belgrade to threaten Kosovo, brutally interfering in the internal affairs.

Continuing the narrative explained above by Bugajski, today (Friday), the President of Serbia, has tried to blame Kosovo for trying instability by trying to act in the north to take control of an important power station. “Pristina is looking for the moment when and if it will intervene in Vallaç, while I ask them not to do so,” he said in Smederevo, while according to him, the Government of Kosovo is determined to intervene forcefully after November 6.

Clearly the president of Serbia is interfering within a sovereign state, even threatening him, even though he says so, with a ‘praying’ vocabulary.

So, the political language is built on public communication, as much as they can blame Kosovo, first in front of their opinion, and then in front of the international community.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, through its spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, has also acted in this line of communication and false propaganda, calling the latest police intervention in the north an ‘occupation’, while blaming Kosovo for extremism. which, is being supported by the west.

So, both Russia and Serbia, in the essence of propaganda, have the denial of the existence of the state of Kosovo, and on this premise they build the strategy of creating problems for the Albanians.

Today, another US expert, Ivan Sascha Sheehan, a professor of international relations at Baltimore University, speaks with high doses of risk of violence, so much so that he almost humbly begs the administration of US President Biden to return to the Balkans to rescue him. , as he says, the only success in the last 30 years.

“Today, Serbia, a long-time aggressor, has turned troops on the border between independent countries and is patrolling the border from the sky with Russian-made fighter jets – this is a disturbing sight,” he said.

He does not see the solution in Europeans, who believe they are dominated by lawlessness, but wants the Americans to end their indifference as well.

“Europeans give no excuse why they should be trusted in the Balkans and the Biden administration shows no signs of re-engaging with the region, but US officials need to engage once again. What American officials need to understand is that America not only brought Kosovo into existence, but also brought a multi-party democracy to a region without such a history. “By redeploying itself to the Balkans, the United States can save its only state-building success of the last thirty years before surrendering to American indifference and European lawlessness.”

Even European experts are estimating that resolving the disputes in Bosnia, caused by the Serbs there, is almost impossible, as the Serbs are accelerating the creation of their own army, divided by the federation, while it is unlikely that the task will be recognized. of the head of the international supervisory mission.

Given this picture, the region seems unlikely to escape any conflict or explosion.

From the experts of the Albanian developments, the lawyer Spartak Ngjela has taken the situation more calmly, who claims that there can be no war in the Balkans, until the new conditions are set with the creation of the state of Kosovo, after the NATO intervention, also assessed as Russia’s neutralization in the Balkans.

“… we must emphasize a truth, which rules the historical moment in the Western Balkans. Today, the current phenomenon of the Western Balkans can not go beyond the parameters that NATO set to neutralize the Russian and Serbian threat in the Balkans; “after in 1999 it destroyed the former Yugoslavia by war … in 2008 the High West recognized Kosovo’s independence, which is militarily guaranteed by the United States and NATO”, estimates Ngjela.

I think the solution is closer between these two extreme points, the risk of conflict and the peaceful continuation of developments.

Albanians have been severely affected by Serbia, respectively by the Serbian intelligence services, so much so that it is very difficult to distinguish the diametrically opposed attitudes in Kosovo politics, while the attitudes of Prime Minister Edi Rama are already seen with great concern in Albania, as unworthy. for Albanians, and which are in the open interest of Serbia.

The position of the Albanians is being openly damaged by the failed Thaçi-Vuçiq-Rama project, as Rama himself is trying to keep this alive, with certain segments of the Thaçi clan.

It seems that the only solution is an all-Albanian reaction that sums up all the energies as in the difficult times of the war, but now with the hope of preventing it!


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