Days ago, President Trump’s former envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Richard Grenell, visited Kosovo.

This visit lasted two days without showing the details of his arrival, reports “Bota sot”.

Grenelli has been in charge of President Donald Trump for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

Political analyst Gani Qarri spoke about this topic for “Bota sot”, commenting on Grenell’s visit.

He said that Grenell’s visit was very dubious, exactly when the statement of the Serbian analyst about the payment that Grenell earned for pro-Serbia lobbying caused a stir.

Qarri points out that Grenell is known to have had constant controversy with Kurti and Osmani.

It is known that Richard Grenell was the envoy of former President Trump for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, through which, on September 4, 2020, the former illegitimate Prime Minister Abdullah Hoti and the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, in the presence of the former President of The US, Donald Trump, secured the so-called Washington Agreement, in which case Abdullah Hoti removed Kosovo’s independence from the agenda and with its signing made Serbia a shareholder in Ujman. Even though Grenell was Trump’s envoy, he is best known to Albanians for the ongoing controversy with incumbent Prime Minister Albin Kurti and President Vjosa Osmani. as well as for inciting the overthrow of the Government Kurti -1, by his order, which these days was publicly proved in the media by the representatives of LDK, charlatan Arben Gashi who testified that they constantly received sms from Grenell until the overthrow of the Kurti-1 Government. Therefore, on this occasion, it is very interesting to note that the visit of Emperor Grenell comes exactly two days after the statement of the Serbian analyst from Belgrade, Dusan Janjic that Grenell is paid by Serbia more than 100 thousand dollars a month for pro-Serbian lobbying. in the US“, He said.

Continuing further, Qarri says Grenell came immediately after visiting Serbia where he received the salaries promised by Vucic.

He also mentions that even now he has to follow the new instructions, for the overthrow or damage of the Kurti-2 Government as much as possible.

So Grenell before coming to Kosovo, he first stayed in Serbia, where he probably received the salaries promised by Vucic there, then visited Albania, where in addition to collecting the remaining bribes, he was also received by President Ilir Meta himself, as and Prime Minister Edi Rama, and finally decided to visit Kosovo for two days in a row, where it is rumored that he had to perform two “big” tasks! The first is that he has a strong message and instruction of special importance for the current opposition on how to act after the eventual “failure” in the municipal elections in the face of LVV, as well as to collect the fees for the advice given. former incriminated rulers and current opposition, for overthrowing the Kurti-1 Government. Secondly, he now has to follow the new instructions,, further underlines the analyst.

In the end, the analyst says that behind this visit there may be another secret anti-Kosovo plan, as it is known that Grenell maintains close ties with Vucic.

” Therefore, while the Self-Determination Movement confirmed that there will be no meeting with Grenell, they said the representatives of” koritur * to LDK, with their statements, custom overthrow the Government Kurti-1, spokesman of the group head nor the chairman of the PDK, refuse to provide any information to the media, making even more conspiratorial the two-day visit of the blind Grenell, the powerful “commander” of the former rulers and the current opposition in Kosovo. -American diplomat, Richard Grenell, happened immediately after his visit to Belgrade and Edvin Kristaq Rama in Albania, this leaves doubt that after this “commissioned” visit of Grenell, any anti-Kosovo plan or strategy may be hidden, again, when his close ties to the criminal Vucic and the Serbian state itself are known“, Concluded Gani Qarri for” Bota sot “.


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