Prime Minister Kurti has stated that there can be a comprehensive agreement with Serbia within his mandate.

He said that the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia is such that it depends much more on Serbia’s readiness to change its approach and itself.

” I can not predict when that will happen, but given that the term of US President Joe Biden, the term of the European Commission Vice President Borrell and my term will be approximately the same, it is to be expected that within these mandates, which are more or less the same in time, to conclude a comprehensive agreement with Serbia. So, we have the will and interest, it depends on whether there is readiness in Serbia “, said Kurti.

Regarding this topic in a statement for “Bota sot”, political analyst Skënder Kapiti spoke who says that the failure to reach a final agreement between Kosovo and Serbia have been influenced by a number of factors, among them are the previous governments of the country and the Prime Minister of Albania.

” It is unfortunate that Kurti and Osmani have inherited from their ancestors a policy of inferiority in the framework of efforts to normalize Kosovo-Serbia relations, and even some agreements harmful to Kosovo, and to this is added the negative role of the Prime Minister of Albania, which has paid more attention to relations with Belgrade than with Pristina.

Prime Minister Kurti has stated that there can be a comprehensive agreement with Serbia within his mandate. He said that the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia is such that it depends much more on Serbia’s readiness to change its approach and itself “ , says the analyst.

He further states that Kurti’s statement should be more thoughtful and stricter, as Osmani is towards the talks for the normalization of Kosovo-Albania relations.

“These statements of Kurti are superficial and have many conjectures inside them. Now, as Prime Minister, Kurti is obliged to be measured in his articulations, as in the opposition it was easy for him to express himself as a great patriot and national. Now the government seems to have slightly reduced the critical momentum it had as an accusation against its predecessors.

The strictest and most politically, diplomatically and patriotically stable is Vjosa Osmani towards the approaches for talks and the normalization of Kosovo-Serbia relations. “Kurti invites Serbia for a comprehensive agreement, which depends on Serbia changing its approach and itself, ” said Kapiti.

On the other hand, Kapiti says that in normalizing the relationship between the two countries, Vucic’s approach has not changed at all.

“But Serbia with Vucic has not shown any change in its position regarding Kosovo. She does not recognize him and to date has not shown any signs of recognition of her independence and the state of Kosovo. “Only if Serbia recognizes the state of Kosovo and only then can comprehensive agreements be made as economic, political, free movement and mutual respect,” said the analyst.

He says that as long as Serbia continues with this policy of arrogance, then there can be no normalization or agreement between them.

” There is no comprehensive agreement when Serbia is still pursuing a policy of arrogance and intimidation against Kosovo. Relations with Serbia do not have to give priority to Kosovo in terms of importance when neither the politics nor the Serbian state has such a thing in mind.

So Kosovo must first pay attention to the consolidation and strengthening of the rule of law and democracy, the development of good relations with the United States in particular, and with the EU and all its countries separately, as well as with Turkey. “, Emphasizes Kapiti.

According to him, Kosovo and Kurti have been abandoned by the Rama government because he sees more the historical, criminal and genocidal reality of Serbia against Kosovo.

” Unfortunately, today Kurti and Kosovo seem to have been slightly abandoned by the Rama government that runs the Albanian state, as there is no agreement or maximum coordination on the issue of how Pristina and Tirana can cooperate to normalize Kosovo-Serbia relations after the government “Rama half-heartedly looks at the historical, criminal reality of Serbia’s genocide against Kosovo “, the analyst underlines.

In the end, he says that Albania should denounce Serbia for the genocide it has committed, in order for it to be under pressure and thus accept that Kosovo is already a state in itself.

” Albania should have denounced the Serbian genocide worldwide, in order for Serbia to be under pressure and accept the crime and genocide, as this is the first one that would impose on Serbia that it apologize, and after apologizing by her will begin to be freed Serbian state, Serbian churches, intellectual and Serb nation by education and barbaric hysteria of hatred against the Albanians and accept the fact that Kosovo has been and is Albanian and deserves to have its own state “ , concludes Skënder Kapiti, for “Bota sot”.


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