Years ago in his famous letters Murat Jashari, now deceased, accused Hashim Thaçi of unjustly tarnishing Behajdin Hallaçi, an illegal activist in Kosovo, as an collaborator of the UDB.

He was arrested on the same charge and was being held in Klecke / Klecka prison. From there one night he was taken out to never come back alive!

Build the charge!

In line with these allegations, new evidence comes, asserted by witnesses to the events. One of them is Ibrahim Kelmendi, who in his controversial public letter, shows surprising data about Hashim Thaçi. He refers to a meeting, which he calls a meeting of the LCP, held in Macedonia, in 1993, in a village of Kichevo, which was attended by some of those who would declare that they are leaders of the war in Kosovo, as Azem Syla, Hashim Thaçi, Ali Ahmeti, Behajdin Hallaqi, Bilall Sherifi etc. After the meeting, according to this information, someone had deconstructed the meeting, and arrests had been made by the Yugoslav police (Macedonia was already independent).

… the cadres of the Movement barely managed to organize a meeting in April 1993, held in Kollare, Kichevo (Macedonia). They called it a “consultative meeting.” Participants: Gafurr Elshani, Ahmet Haxhiu, Ali Ahmeti, Adnan Asllani, Hashim Thaçi, Azem Syla, Behajdin Allaçi, Adem Grabovci, Bilall Sherifi, Halil Selimi, Xhavit Haziri, Ramadan Avdiu, Hidajete Krasniqi, Hysen Gega, Ramadan Pllana, Ramadan Kad Fadil Bajrami, Musa Demiri, Bexhet Luzha, Fatmir Brajshori, etc. That Meeting has chosen the “organizing group”, for convening and organizing the Fourth Assembly. Leader Adnan Asllani, members Ramadan Avdiu, Behajdin Allaqi, Bilall Sherifi. Since Hashimi was being left “out of history”, he immediately accuses Behajdin Allaqi of being a UDB spy. Bheajdini despairs, resigns from the Organizing Group. Hashim is catapulted. writes Kelmendi.

If this is true and the claims that Murat Jashari raised earlier in his letters, it seems that Hashim Thaçi in the war would take revenge on personal opponents or people with whom he may have had conflicts.

According to the letters of Murat Jashari, brother with Ismet Jashari, known as “Kumanova” commander, killed in suspicious circumstances, Behajdin Hallaqi and Shaban Shala may have been liquidated by Hashim Thaçi and Kadri Veseli, because they were the last to separated from him.

Information on the reported murder

Murat Jashari, known for his question letters, openly accused Thaçi and Vseli of murder, and no one ever responded to the accusations: “You and Kadri Veseli took the KLA Political Chief, Ukshin’s right-hand man. Hotit or not? ”. According to his accounts, Murat Jashari had learned from his brother Ismet that Behajdin Hallaqi and Shaban Shala had been arrested, who were being accused of being Serbian spies.

“Then Ismet continued:

– “Two people were brought here in Klecke, we have them in prison. “They were the leaders of the Movement and they told us that they are spies.”

I asked, what were their names?


I started using the memory, as I was very tired, and a thought quickly came to me, maybe not even the best.

– “Gaga does not know what the current organization is like for you, but do not carry out any orders regarding those two people. Let the “big ones” deal with them. This name Behajdin is a little known to me, I do not know where it comes from, where I heard, and I have not heard of the other one .

So, after about five years from the meeting near Kichevo, in addition to the accusation, Hallaçi was already arrested in Klecke / Klecka, and seriously endangered his life.

Murati, despite not knowing him, was making efforts if Hallaqi and Shala could be saved, despite the fact that according to him he did not know them, except that he had heard about one of them.

He had contacted Xhavit Haliti, but in addition to informing him that he was aware and that he had asked “Abazi” to deal with the case, he asked Murati not to ‘spread’ the news.

“I had a conversation with my brother and immediately informed Zeka (Xhavit Haliti). Zeka told me that he is informed about this work. I informed Abazi (Ali Ahmeti), he did not know and he told me, I will be interested and he ordered me not to spread it as news “.

This message of Xhavit Haliti is not insignificant as it connects the events.

In question 66 in the public letter sent to Thaçi, he explicitly accuses him of murder: “66. “Why did you kill Behadin Allaqi, the political leader of the KLA?”

According to Jashari, Behadin Allaqi was the leader of the Kosovo Resistance Front Movement, which consisted of Ukshin Hoti, Sokol Dobruna, Remzi Hoxha, Ali Uka, Avdyll Krasniqi (father of Gjeva Lladrovci), Zahir Pajaziti and many others… ”

According to Murat, this organization had sent the first people to training in Albania. According to him, LFRK was the illegal political branch of Ukshin Hoti UNIKOMB. While, Behadin Allaqi was the right arm of Ukshin Hoti.

According to Murat, Hallaqi was the political chief of the KLA. This is confirmed in question 76: “Why did you and Kadri Veselin kill the political leader of the KLA?”. Following:

“You Hashim together with Kadri Veselin killed Behadin Allaqi with a bullet in the head and you destroyed his body, right?”

Some of Murat Jashari’s shocking questions about Hashim Thaçi

77. Why did SHIK kill patriots like Remzi Hoxha, Ali Uken, the first KLA spokesman, KLA political chief Behadin Allaqi?

78. You SHIK have made propaganda that Remzi Hoxha is the man of Serbia, why?

79. You SHIK have made propaganda that members of the Jashari family are from Serbia, why?

80. You SHIK have made propaganda that Adem Demaçi belongs to Serbia, you have issued some documents in Kosovo to prove that he is a spy, why?

81. You SHIK have created propaganda against all patriots, why?

82. Why did you and your friends make denigrating propaganda for all patriotic families?

83. Why did SHIK or UDB organize traps against patriots like for Zahir?

84. You stayed in Switzerland until March / April 1998, am I wrong?

85. After the Rahovec offensive, where did you stay in Kosovo?

86. Is it true that you stayed in Prishtina?

87. KLA soldiers fought, but you, as a much sought-after Chief from Serbia (without doing him any harm), where did you take refuge?

88. Have you been to a very safe place in Prishtina !?

89. Who have you been to?

90. Can you tell the people !?

91. Do you know o people !!!!? Where was this alamet Director of the Political Directorate of the KLA !!?

92. Mr. Hashim Thaçi was sheltered by Faik Morina in Prishtina, Arkan’s man !!!

93. Is that so mor justice super commander ???

94. Faik Morina was brotherly with Arkan and even appeared on television with him, Mr. Thaçi?

95. You, at jarani, had an inn at Arkan’s brother.

96. Chief of KLA and SHIK Hashim Thaçi, Kadri Veseli were sheltered in ARKAN’s brother !!! ???

97. If it is not true go out and deny this !!!!!

98. Did you leave Macedonia for Hashim from Pristina?

99. Who will arrange this passage?

100. Who would escort you to Macedonia?

101. Did you pass Billal Ceka?



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