🏛 Sam White won Appeal Case in UK High Court

and had all restrictions lifted

UK Doctor (General Practitioner) Sam White, resigned from his practice because he could not reconcile his hippocratic oath to “do not harm” with the Covid treatment measures of the NHS including use of experimental, untested ‘vaccines’.

After he left his practice and posted his pandemic views on social media he was censured by the General Medical Council and served a legal order not to make further posts on any aspect of Covid.

He has now won an Appeal Case in the UK High Court and had all restrictions on him lifted immediately. This is a great win for the human right of free expression.

➥ This way to his video-statement

➥ Sam White’s contribution to the Corona Committee (from 2:09)

Source: @hscreativeworks

Lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, go to the channel here: