They did not hold many sessions of the Assembly.

The elected representatives of the people from the beginning of the work of the autumn session until now have held only six such.

The next one will be held on December 13, writes FrontOnline.

The deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo used the non-holding of the sessions in another way.

They did not mind official trips outside Kosovo.

Someone more and someone less.

But not a few deputies received the state budget for trips abroad.

In the document sent to FrontOnline by the Assembly of Kosovo, it is known the amount of per diems received by the deputies and how much it cost the state budget to accommodate them.

The elected representatives of the people for three months have received 5693.38 euros per diem from official trips abroad.

While, their accommodation cost the state budget 2 thousand 940.38 euros which together lead to the amount of 8 thousand 633. 76 euros, writes FrontOnline.

MP Haki Abazi, the “champion” of wages

For the three-month period, a total of 27 deputies traveled abroad.

Someone got paid more, and someone less.

And, from all these, the deputy of Vetëvendosje Movement, Haki Abazi is turning out to have received more.

Abazi, who recently had dissatisfaction with the leadership of his party, for a formal trip to Austria on September 20 this year received a total of 902.88 euros.

No less than 266.40 euros Abazi received a per diem for a trip he made to Brussels on October 29.

Whereas, only one day before this, on October 28, the deputy Abazi received a per diem for an official trip he made to Albania.

For this trip he received from the Assembly a salary of 78 euros.

And, if all these are collected, then according to the document, Abazi has received one thousand 247.28 euros per day for three trips he has made abroad.

Deputy Speaker Bogujevci and MPs Gashi and Kervan received so much per diem from the Assembly of Kosovo.

The Deputy Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo from the ranks of Vetëvendosje Movement, Saranda Bogujevci for an official trip she made on December 15 in France, received a salary of 593.40 euros.

No more and no more, but the same salary was received by the head of the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Arben Gashi and the deputy of the Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo (KDTP), Enis Kervan.

Both received the same per diem as the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, Saranda Bogujevci.

Albania was mostly visited by members of the Assembly for official trips

There are a total of nine deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo who during October traveled to Albania and were rewarded with a daily wage of 78 euros, writes FrontOnline.

The list of elected representatives of the people who visited Albania only in October includes: Fatmir Mulhaxha-Kollçaku from Vetëvendosje Movement, Fitore Pacolli from VV, Ganimete Musliu from PDK, Ardian Gola from VV, Doarsa Kica- Xhelili from VV, Armend Muja from VV, Haki Abazi from VV, Rrezarta Krasniqi from LDK, Hykmete Bajrami from LDK, and Ferat Shala from PDK.

If this amount is collected for the nine deputies, then it falls to them that all together they have received 702 euros per day.

After Albania comes Northern Macedonia

The deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo who officially traveled to Northern Macedonia received 117 euros per day.

There are no less than seven.

Five of them belong to the Vetëvendosje Movement, one from the PDK and one from the multiethnic group.

These are the head of the Parliamentary Group of the Vetëvendosje Movement, Mimoza Kusari-Lila, MPs Dimal Basha, Jeta Statovci, Sali Zyba, Gani Krasniqi, Ganimete Musliu and Fridon Lala.

With a simple calculation, these deputies together received a salary of 819 euros.

How much was the salary of the Speaker of the Assembly Glauk Konjufca?

The Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo, Glauk Konjufca traveled within two days to two different places.

These trips did not bring even a few per diems to the first of the Assembly.

He traveled to Hungary and Slovenia, writes FrontOnline.

For the trip to Hungary Konjufca received 205.20 euros per diem.

Whereas, for him in Slovenia he received 69.70 euros.

Rexhep Selimi’s wife and Blerta Deliu-Kodra also received per diems

The wife of the former KLA commander, Rexhep Selimi, Shqipe Selimi, who holds the seat of the Assembly from the ranks of LVV, also received a salary from the Assembly of Kosovo for official trips.

Selimi traveled to Hungary on 13 September.

For this trip she received a salary from the Assembly of Kosovo, 162 euros.

PDK MP Blerta Deliu-Kodra received a little more salary than Selimi.

The same day she made a trip.

But, unlike Selimi, Deliu-Kodra traveled to Germany.

She received 12 euros more per diem than Selimi.

From this trip Deliu-Kodra received 180 euros more from the Assembly of Kosovo.

How much did it cost the state budget to accommodate the elected representatives of the people?

No less than two thousand 940.38 euros cost the state budget accommodation when they traveled abroad.

The Speaker of the Assembly Glauk Konjufca, the Deputy Speaker Saranda Bogujevci of the MPs Haki Abazi, Arben Gashi and Enis Kervan needed money from the budget for accommodation.

Mayor Konjufca spent 376.58 euros on accommodation in Hungary and Slovenia.

Accommodation in Hungary for him was more expensive in total 238.45 euros, while in Slovenia 138.13 euros.

Vice President Bogujevci, MPs Arben Gashi and Enis Kervan on their trips to France, but in different periods of time the accommodation cost from 662.10 euros each.

Whereas, together they spent one thousand 986.30 euros.

The “maraklija” of per diems, the deputy of VV, Haki Abazi, also needed money for accommodation.

For an accommodation in Austria, Abazi spent 577.50 euros from the state budget.

Deputies also incur other expenses

There are only two elected representatives of the people who, in addition to per diems and accommodation, make other expenses, writes FrontOnline.

In the document sent to FrontOnline by the Assembly of Kosovo on official travel expenses, Deputy Speaker Saranda Bogujevci and the head of the LDK Parliamentary Group, Arben Gashi make other expenses.

The document shows that for a trip to France, Bogujevci spent 14.70 euros.

Whereas, Gashi more than this, a total of 46.50 euros.

How much money did the deputies spend on air tickets?

Two thousand and 20.72 euros were spent by the people’s choice for tickets on their trips abroad.

The document shows that only 299 euros were spent on some tickets.

Whereas, for the others one thousand 721.72 euros./FrontOnline


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