Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is part of a blacklist to be announced by the State Department next year.

His strong personal connections to international crime bosses based in northern Kosovo, his brother’s direct connections to Zvonko Veselinovic, money laundering, drug trafficking, illicit trafficking, arms trafficking and other important factors, such as the obstruction of the establishment of the constitutional order in the north of Kosovo, constitute the support for the decision that has already been taken by the State Department and its announcement is expected, in due time, for Vuiqiiq, as a ‘non grata’ person, make knowing sources of the newspaper “Bota sot”.

Aleksandar Vucic, through Veselinovic’s gang, turned any process into talks with Kosovo almost upside down, implementing almost no agreement reached in Brussels, stopping the advance of security in the north, with organized crime mechanisms, open obstruction of investigations and of returning legitimacy there by Kosovo institutions.

Destabilizer of democracy and Kosovo

Aleksandar Vucic, working directly with Zvonko Veselinovic and Milan Radojcic, has coordinated operations with organized crime that the United States has declared, not only as part of a blacklist and blockade of assets, but as a group trying to destabilize Kosovo. democracy, and the region.

This organized group that continuously disputes the sovereignty of Kosovo has received from the Government of Kosovo hundreds of tenders worth tens of tens of millions of euros.

But how is this done?

Hashim Thaçi had turned Aleksandar Vuiqiiq into his main partner, accepting any solution he imposed on him, in the hope that he would escape the special court in that way.

Ramush Haradinaj’s connections with Milan Radojçiiq are also known and public – a house friend, meetings in restaurants, etc., which he hosted even in his office in the summer of 2018, at a time when he was suspected of involvement. in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, executed in January 2018.

This means direct contact with former KLA leaders and their subjects, including LDK figures.

Agim Veliu is mentioned to have influenced the release of Radojcic from custody.

According to the US document, the international criminal group was interacting with Kosovo government and security officials.

“Veselinovic’s OCG is engaged in a large-scale bribery scheme with Kosovo and Serbian security officials, who facilitate the illegal trafficking of goods, money, narcotics and weapons between Kosovo and Serbia. The group has also conspired with various politicians in several quid pro quo agreements, including bribing Kosovo security officials in early 2019 to allow their smuggling operations between Serbia and Kosovo.

Inspirer of Milosevic’s crimes

According to US documents, Veselinovic and other OCG members Milan Rajko Radojcic (Radojcic), Zeljko Bojic (Bojic) and Marko Rosic (Rosic) are all mentioned in the indictment for Ivanovic’s murder. This criminal enterprise, which according to American documents is international, has no possibility not to hold Aleksandar Vuiqiiq responsible, at least indirectly, for the assassination of Ivanovi., Who was becoming more and more loyal to the state of Kosovo.

The names of those who will be part of the black list is long, it has approximately 30 people.

Among them anyway will be Andrej Vucic, the brother of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

According to our information, the Americans have taken into account the influences of Vuiqi. In the war in Kosovo, which today they see as an inspiration for it, and Milosevic’s genocidal crimes.

He turned Serbia into an autocracy from a republican state. He achieved his rise by sharing power with criminal groups, as he calls the US, international.

Vucic has recently stated that he will investigate Zvonko Vselinovic and Milan Radojcic, but, according to him, if there is ‘evidence’.

This statement reveals the hypocrisy of Vuiqi., Who offers the leaders of the criminal group, Zvonko Veselinovi dhe and Milan Radojçiiq, 24-hour security with the state police.

On November 23, 2018, Kosovo police conducted a search operation in the north to arrest Milan Radoicic, but without success, as he was taken into protection by Serbian security structures.

The same structures continued to keep Radoicic away from the trial of Ivanovic’s murder, even though he is one of the main suspects.

His assassination was done to give a strong message to all other Serbs who would aim to become loyal to the state of Kosovo.

Since then, no other Serbian party has managed to win more than one MP. In the last two elections, the Serb List won all the deputies and also in all Serb-majority municipalities. Complete domination through assassinations, the threat of terror, pressure on unsupported businesses, and favoring those who support them.

He is also responsible for influencing Dodik, the Bosnian Serb leader, Republika Srpska, whose entity is heading for secession from Bosnia, despite warnings of US and EU sanctions.


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