Hashim Thaçi together with Kadri Veselin in The Hague, Ramush Haradinaj in opposition, Fatmir Limaj in dismissal, in short the so-called commanders, are not in a leading position. power those who are called in the name of war and steal from us. 

If they had listened to the former American diplomat, James Rubin, they would have been more dignified today. Rubin, had returned in 2013 proud to have helped Kosovo 14 years ago.

Sensing that the former warlords were not working properly, he made a statement, hitherto unheard of, hoping that the time would come when the war arm would realize that it was okay to leave power while they were still popular and do not wait until it is too late. “I hope the people who have been so important to your revolution, to your freedom, have the wisdom to leave as high as they can at the height of their success,” said former US diplomat James Rubin.

This statement of Mr. Rubin was not taken into account by the former commanders, who by oppressing the citizens of their country managed to force over 200,000 of them to leave their country. Ironically, those who once removed the masks in front of Serbia, ironically now put the masks in front of the citizens of Kosovo, cheating, lying and extorting all the wealth of the country. There is no greater sin than in the name of freedom, to extort your country, those citizens who have come a long and very difficult way to reach freedom. No one would believe that they were called on behalf of the KLA, once they took power they would “occupy” the country liberated by their so-called “liberators”.

Facing this bitter reality every day, where life is heavier than death, makes me doubt that those who today are called in the name of the glorious KLA, have little to do with its ideals. Those who were called in the name of war have brought poverty, destruction to the economy, health, education and other fields. The brain of society has gone and continues to go. They fled, but the consequences left them great, they have received the punishment from the people, they will also receive it from history.


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