Beyond the tendency to minimize the action taken against crime and corruption in Karachevo. Today, due to that operation that started from the Police Inspectorate and other institutions joined the road, it has led to a file of the Prosecution, which has no less than 300 pages and 73 accused.

In this file, criminal reports, possessed by InDoks, the list of accused starts with police officers.

According to the investigation file, accused after this operation are police officers: Ferid Leci, Hydush Kastrati, Sokol Keka, Imer Spahiu, Fatmir Kallaba, Asllan Kryeziu, Feat Zeqiri, Raif Thaqi, Selami Geci, Slavisha Nikolic, Zlatan Arsic, Naim Krasniqi, Naim Selishta and Fitim Kryeziu.

Bardhyl Haxhimustafa, Head of the Division for Investigation of Organized Crime and Corruption in PIK also spoke about this in InDoks.

“In the criminal report was handed over to 15 police officers and the rest are citizens of different areas of Kosovo, involved in various criminal offenses ranging from smuggling of goods and gambling,” he said.

The rest of the accused are citizens, including businessmen. The list is long.

It contains the following names: Driton Spahiu, Albert Thaçi, Albert Sadiku, Blerim Spahiu, Fatmir Spahiu, Agron Spahiu, Naim Kryeziu, Sead Dermaku, Blend Spahiu, Fadil Spahiu, Vigan Spahiu, Lirik Morina, Fatmir Veseli, Ismail Veseli, Sadik Sadiku, Mevlan Spahiu, Fatos Morina, Burim Fazliu, Enis Keka, Florian Sylejmani, Rexhep Spahiu, Nehat Morina, Hesat Rrudhani, Përparim Shabani, Arsim Dërmaku, Fatlum Bajrami, Adhurim Thaqi, Faton Kryeziu, Lirim Spahiu, Jusuf Hasani, Nadir Shaez , Kujtim Morina, Umer Arapi, Bajram Rahmani, Armin Huduti, Hilmi Mullallari, Jeton Buquku, Bekim Bajrami, Bujar Ajeti, Ylber Fera, Lulëzim Gashi, Idriz Kurteshi, Feta Leci, Naser Leci, Denis Hyseni, Mustafë Leka, Bekim Gashi Memeti, Mentor Maqani, Sherif Ilazi, Muharrem Morina, Nazim Rulani, Afrim Thaqi, Ibush Fazliu, Xhelal Kryeziu, Artizan Thaqi,Vullnet Bytyqi and Sylejman Ismajli.

The most prominent businessman is Mentor Maqani. He is accused of owning an illegal casino in Karachevo, in which over 30 gambling machines were found. He is mentioned in the file no less than 43 times.

Mentor Maqani has recently been charged with another offense by the Prosecutor. He is accused together with Ismet Osmani-Curri.

According to the investigation file, for months, PIK investigators had tracked entire contingents of cattle that were smuggled across the border, and brought illegally to be sold through several butcheries throughout Kosovo. Police officers who are already under indictment had an inevitable share in this crime. The value of the goods was thousands of euros every night.