A case not closed by local and international justice is that of the wounding of two soldiers of Colonel Tahir Zemaj, respectively of the brigade he commanded, by people and, according to testimony by Ramush Haradinaj himself.

Few people have spoken about this case, but it has not escaped without informing the Albanian public.

Some voices have never stopped telling the truth. In a few cases, Ramush Haradinaj, as the commander of the Dukagjini Zone, has been reminded of him in a campaign or in a less dramatic case.

But, when you read today the testimonies made public by witnesses of the time, officials of the state of Kosovo, such as military superiors of the war, who were even paid by the Government of Kosovo, justice institutions have not taken any steps to reveal them.

Victims of violence, unprecedented aggression, and the implementation of orders against the unification of Albanians for a common war.

It was the wave of unification efforts. The Ministry of Defense, with Ahmet Krasniqi, had introduced three brigades with trained soldiers and dozens of military superiors in Kosovo.

Two soldiers wound them

Meanwhile, as the talks continued, Ramush did not hesitate at all to cause a serious incident, which could easily lead to a fratricidal conflict.

This incident was given in full by the military Agim Mehmeti, Deputy Minister of Defense Ahmet Krasniqi.

“It was July 4 or 5,” says superior Nazif Ramabaja, for “Bota sot”.

” There were 4 soldiers whom Tahiri had sent to get weapons, passing through Gllogjan of Deçan where Ramush had his headquarters. They stop them and send them to their headquarters. The stop is made by Idriz Balaj “Lieutenant”, it is said that Ismet Çekaj tells Ramush that you are free, but when they leave the door of the Headquarters they start threats, verbal and physical abuse against: Ismat Çekaj, Idriz Ukhaxhaj, Petrit Lokaj and Azem Gashi . Ismet is wounded with a firearm in the right chest and another in the leg, it is said that Ramush himself shot with a firearm “ , says Ramabaja.

The humiliating scandal continues. They take their car, money, strip them in their panties and “Lieutenant” driving a car behind them escorts them to Irzniq.

Whereas, in the book “Thus spoke Tahir Zemaj”, he writes that the order was given by Zemaj, that 4 soldiers accepting the weapons that had come from Albania, but on the way there, are stopped in the village Irzniq by the famous “Lieutenant”.

“On July 4, 1998, I ordered the soldiers Ismet Çeku, Idriz Ukhaxhaj, Petrit Lokaj and Azem Gashi to perform the task of receiving the arrival that came from Albania in the village of Pacaj. Along the way, in the village of Irzniq, they encountered obstacles from a KLA unit, commanded by a person nicknamed “Lieutenant”.

Instead of being allowed to take up arms, they were sent to Ramush’s headquarters in Gllogjan.

” We were familiar with that nickname and that person. According to the soldiers’ testimonies, they were ordered to report to the KLA headquarters in Gllogjan. There, Ismet Ceku stated that Haradinaj welcomed him well, saying that “you do not need a permit and you can continue the journey together with other fighters”, but as soon as he left, a scuffle started, during which two soldiers were wounded with firearms, while the other two were injured by physical rape .

Ramush also participated in the injury

According to the statements of the soldiers themselves, Ramush Haradinaj himself took part in that violence, even together with his brother Dautin.

“The soldiers have stated that Ramush Haradinaj himself took part in the act of wounding. Initially, the soldiers were hit with hard objects by “Lieutenant”, but also by Ramushi together with his brother. The fighters were then forced by these persons to leave Gllogjan and return in the direction of Isniq. They were stripped naked and forced to walk in front of a car that was following them from behind, a car driven by “Lieutenant”. They arrived in Isniq around 22.00, after a while Ismet Çeku arrived wounded on the right side with a firearm, Azem Gashi on the right leg with a firearm, Idriz Ukëhaxhaj wounded in the back of the head, Petrit Lokaj with minor injuries “, it is said in the testimony of Tahir Zemaj.

They were not content with mere physical violence, but also insulted and insulted them.

” In their statements it is said that the attackers have severely insulted them and that over time they have used offensive expressions towards the Institutions of the Republic of Kosovo. Immediately, together with some collaborators, I left for Gllogjan to clarify the event. In a conversation with Ramush, he apologized and justified those actions as a mistake, which was due to some behavior of the fighters – a completely unclear thing .

Of the four soldiers, Ceku was the most seriously injured

After the arduous journey, injuries and wounds, and from shame walking almost naked (in panties). They arrive at the temporary military center.

” Bloody people arrive, first three of them, and then the most seriously injured, Çeku, arrives. It should be clarified once again that the fighters arrived in Isniq naked, bloodied, without a vehicle, without the money they had taken with them, personal money. Later, Ramush returned the soldiers’ clothes to me, but not the money, the vehicle and the weapons. This incident, so serious, was very bad in the whole Dukagjini Plain, and even caused a great shock. Personally I was extremely offended, hurt by this incident. All sorts of ideas came to my mind, but one I never allowed to come close to my mind: respond forcefully! “I had enough opportunities and strength to face them, but I swore to myself that my forces would only be used to fight against the occupier.”, it is said in the testimony of Tahir Zemaj in the mentioned book.

But today, Tahir Zemaj does not live like many others, victims of unprecedented and unexplained violence, that someone taught Albanians who to kill.

The veracity of these statements of Zemaj is reinforced by Tahir Zemaj’s deputy, Major Nazif Ramabaja, who was also a commander in the “Battle of Loxha”, which would take place only one day later, and Ramush Haradinaj, will not look.

Report to the Ministry of Defense

” After this incident that left serious traumatic consequences for soldiers Petrit Lokaj, Idriz Ukëhaxhaj and Ismet Qekaj, a daily report was compiled by Commander Tahir Zemaj and forwarded to the Minister of Defense Colonel Ahmet Krasniqi, the report exists in the archives of the Ministry of Defence. ” testifies Ramabaja.

This report was published by the military superior, former Deputy Minister of Defense Agim Mehmeti, now deceased, in his book “The truth about the FARK”, page 130.

According to Ramabaja, the four soldiers were sent bound to the headquarters of the village of Gllogjan in Deçan. Soldiers Petrit Lokaj (now a member of the Kosovo Police), Idriz Ukëhaxhaj, Azem Gashi and Ismet Qekaj who were detained, abused, beaten, robbed by members of the infamous unit “Black Eagles” under the command of Idriz Balaj “Lieutenant” commander of the unit, while the soldier Ismet Qekaj who was also part of the “guerrilla group” of Sali Çekaj who were sent to the first exercises in Albania in 1991, Ismet was wounded with a firearm by Ramush Haradinaj himself in the right arm “, says Ramabaja.

Neither Ramush nor his brother Dauti have ever apologized for this incident, nor have they testified who motivated them to behave like that!


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