Arrests that hit former presidents, former prime ministers, MPs … / New American warning!


Who are the owners of the villas, which the state prosecution did not dare to investigate until yesterday, nor to arrest the suspects for the multiple crimes in Brezovica by the officials of Ërtrpce and others?

After the statement of the Minister of Internal Affairs Xhelal Sveçla for the successful operation in the raids in ërtrpce, Ferizaj and Prishtina, which ended with 10 arrests, the Chief State Prosecutor Aleksandër Lumezi reacted, assessing it as interference in the internal affairs of the institution independent prosecution, and seeing it as an obstacle in the performance of official duties.

Fear of prosecutors and judges

This reaction of the Chief Prosecutor was followed by the reaction of the Minister of Justice Albulena Haxhiu, who estimated that without the work of the Ministry of Interior, the prosecution would have continued to remain silent.

“Why did not they act earlier when former senior officials starting from former presidents, former prime ministers and former ministers and leaders of very important institutions in the country built villas in Brezovica?”, Asks the Minister of Justice.

Even in our article published yesterday, we have brought back an article (link) of November 18, how the Basic Court of Ferizaj had declared the investigation of the prosecution unfounded, while we requested the reopening of the case due to the creation of new circumstances in justice, after the arrest of Hashim Thaçi by the special court.

The United States can be seen as a supporter of organised crime as the best opportunity to restore law and order, and confront Serbian extremism, especially after the announcement of the blacklist of an international organized crime group Serb based in the north.

This group has control from inside and outside the Serbian List, which has the deputy chairman of the blacklist Milan Radojcic, who is thought not to be in Kosovo, currently. But yesterday in ërtrpce, the former mayor of this Serb-majority municipality was arrested, after a 12-year rule, Bratislav Nikolic. Nikolic is a member of the leadership of the Serbian List, and a very influential man within it, and as an interlocutor with former leaders of the state of Kosovo, such as President Hashim Thaçi, who according to media reports was presented as a ‘close friend of Thaçi’.

In addition to acting through the blacklist, the US has appointed a Permanent Legal Adviser to increase its capacity to investigate, prosecute, and prosecute cases involving corruption and organized crime throughout the Western Balkans.

It seems that according to the functions and sources of the newspaper “Bota sot”, the object of investigation is expected to be: former police directors, former MPs, former ministers, former prime ministers and even former presidents who built villas without permission or does so with ‘gifts’ and ‘promotions’. Or according to Minister Haxhiu, “leaders of very important institutions in the country”!

It is interesting to investigate the data on which acts took place at the time when the former mayor of ërtrpce was the head of the parallel structures of Serbia, and which persons or personalities agreed to commit these acts with structures in Belgrade! And for the KIA to look at their files, if any of them were taken ‘hostage’ by Belgrade, it is with this new file that corruption and bribery.

Based on the statements of the Minister of Justice Albulena Haxhiu, the prosecution did not act until yesterday, precisely because they were involved: “former presidents, former prime ministers and former ministers and leaders of very important institutions in the country.”

This, according to the linguistic assessment of the accusation, means that they have built villas, at least two former presidents, which means Hashim Thaçi and probably Fatmir Sejdiu.

The former prime minister, who falls at least on the basis of logic, the first suspect is Ramush Haradinaj, then Agim Çeku, but maybe also Isa Mustafa and Bajram Kosumi, may be all of them, and some other former, but at least two of them are anyway.

Therefore, the minister should no longer issue a statement with former functions, but with the names they have, ‘hon e don’! (Because most likely they will not change them, as it is still not fashionable in our country, except when they go somewhere outside.)

The former ministers can be no more than two, because they are yes, based on the plural used by Minister Haxhiu, but even if 20 or 100 come out, it is not a surprise.

I do not know why the deputies have been spared, they are probably not more than ministers, but they are not few either. Or maybe there is a party brother!

But why did not you mention former senior police leaders, that I found out!

Maybe also because of the style, not the minister’s dress, but because of the highest rhetorical blow to the public.

Well, he revealed the functions to us, the Albanians reveal the others, because out of 100 or so ministers we had, we shoot at 20 or 30 names, but without a lottery.

It is good that after you take this trouble, you send him the list of names, together with the additional information you have, asking him to investigate the “attached facts” and I think that Mr. Lumezi, there would be no door from to flee, except to launch a lightning investigation, or to flee voluntarily from there!

This is politics, the economics of public words, in the interest of deeds!

Get rid of the noise in the name of general calm!

New American Warning!

According to a statement from the US, published in the media in the region, the US has already made a new action plan to fight organized crime, corruption, trafficking and others in the Balkans. Thus, the US decision states that the Permanent Legal Adviser will be appointed at the US Embassy in Zagreb and will work in close partnership with the Croatian Ministry of Justice.

The Permanent Legal Adviser (PAC) will represent the Ministry of Justice and OPDAT in implementing technical assistance activities funded by the State Department’s International Bureau of Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs to increase the capacity to investigate, prosecute and prosecute cases involving corruption and organized crime throughout the Western Balkans, including Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, and Serbia. This is a regional program “, it is said in the public announcement.

Assistance will focus on procurement fraud, corruption, money laundering, organized crime, FinTech, gender-based violence, trafficking in human beings and other criminal phenomena.

“This will include technical assistance, mentoring and advice on investigations, prosecutions and case decisions. It will also include analysis and advice on existing or pending laws. The RLA will coordinate and co-operate closely with other advisors appointed in various Balkan countries. “The RLA will also work closely with the staff of US embassies in various Balkan countries .”

This assistance is provided to enable these institutions and their staff to fight terrorism, transnational organized crime, corruption, financial crime and other crimes more effectively.

Will MP Nikolic be investigated as well?

During the operation in ërtrpce / Shtërpcë and other locations, the police announced that they confiscated money, various weapons, ammunition, cars, cryptocurrency production devices and various electronic devices, while the 10 detainees were sent to detention for 48 hours.

Among those being held in custody is the former mayor of ërtrpce, Bratislav Nikoliq, who according to the prosecution is suspected of having received up to 1 million euros for permits issued illegally for the construction of facilities in Brezovica, in the municipality of ërtrpce.

Nikolic is the brother of Branislav Nikolic, a member of the Serbian List, elected for the second time, while according to information he is an agent of the Serbian intelligence service, BIA, and who for three years has served as an advisor to President Thaci. He left this post due to suspicions that he was a BIA agent, but he was not prevented from being elected MP!

There is no information whether MP Nikolic will be investigated in this case.

The prosecutor of the case, Rasim Maloku, said yesterday at a conference that Nikolii and the other detainees received villas, cars and other gifts in exchange for issuing permits for the construction of villas and other facilities in the Sharr Mountains National Park, in Brezovica.




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