Let us start as we mean to go on, with Freedom.

The new Omicron variant is so mild, it is now time for herd immunity to get rid of restrictions once and for all.

Omicron is nowhere near as dangerous as the original Covid-19 and the vaccine side effects are now more dangerous that the virus

As Omicron will spread quickly, it will mean that more people will get the antibodies needed to wipe out this virus once and for all. It is ridiculous trying to stop people catching it when it is so harmless. The masks will do more harm that the actual virus. Not to mentions the depression and mental illness that people are getting.

Those that are making billions from this epidemic are the ones that are paying to keep this going as long as possible, despite the scientific evidence and statistics going against them.

South Africa will stop coronavirus contact tracing and won’t ask those who’ve been directly exposed to infected people to quarantine, indicating a shift away from tough restrictions to contain the pandemic says Bloomberg.

“Containment strategies are no longer appropriate — mitigation is the only viable strategy,” Sifiso Buthelezi said in the missive. “Quarantine has been costly to essential services and society as many people stay away from their work and thus lose their income.”

The shift may also be influenced by South Africa’s push to recover from its deepest economic contraction in at least a quarter century last year. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg predict gross domestic product will expand 4.9% in 2021, compared with a previous estimate of 5.1%, partly due to travel bans that followed omicron’s emergence.

The nation’s official jobless rate is at a record of almost 35%, with a lack of major sports and entertainment events restricting even informal work.

Omicron was identified by scientists in South Africa and Botswana last month, and the region has been the front runner in the latest phase of the global pandemic. Yet there are positive indications that the variant does not lead to the same extent of severe illness and death as previous incarnations, and the South African government has held off toughening containment measures as a result.

Boris Johnson stated that the UK will not take anymore lockdown measures. Dr Laurence Gerlis MA, MB, B Chir (Cantab), MRCP (UK) agrees with the government on this.

So why on earth is Kosovo still bowing down to Big Parma on vaccines and curfews, which are going against World Scientific Evidence?

Kosovo was one of the first countries to have lockdown in 2021 and did a very good job flattening the line, in fact far better than any country in the West. Almost everyone had caught Covid and almost everyone had antibodies and were immune. Kosovo was doing well until Covax brought the vaccines to Kosovo and then then the country went backwards in its response.

Now it has been proven that natural immunity lasts a lot longer than vaccine immunity, which now has been proven not to give immunity at all and only creates more problems. World deaths from the the vaccines, now outnumber deaths from the virus. Meaning the cure is worse than the disease.

Now that we know that Bill Gates has poured millions into the media, you can’t believe anything that they are saying, now that he has paid for an agenda and is making millions from that agenda. It is all corruption at the highest level.

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The New Year should be a start for optimism. All restrictions should end as we make way for a new year, after two years of depression, sickness and despair.

Let us all celebrate with hope and an end to all of this corruption and lies.


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